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The rise in popularity of African food

African food has been earmarked as the next big cuisine to look out for on the culinary scene. Flavours from Africa are inching their way onto mainstream menus in restaurants in Australia and around the globe, leaving foodies to wonder why they hadn’t discovered African cuisine sooner. At The Meat & Wine Co, our menu

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Top 4 red wines in Australia

Australia is world-renowned for its premium red wines. Our hugely varied wine terroir and climates create the perfect conditions for vineyards to produce phenomenal varietals, from the cooler temperatures of the Orange region, to the warmth and dryness of the Barossa Valley. The Meat & Wine Co celebrates Australian wines every day, with an extensive

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4 reasons Australian meat is the best in the world

If you’ve ever bitten into a perfectly dry-aged local rib-eye steak or an irresistibly marbled wagyu fillet, you’ll know what we mean when we say that the meat industry in Australia produces some of the best steak cuts in the world. But don’t just take our word for it: here are four proven reasons why

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Top 4 hidden bars in Sydney

Finding a hidden bar is like being part of a secret club. From the second you walk in, it always feels just that little bit more special than a standard bar. You make eye contact with those around you, and feel like you’re all connected by this secret you have uncovered. Sydney is brimming with

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Q&A with The Meat & Wine Co’s new chef, Thomas Godfrey

Thomas Godfrey’s journey from budding home cook to famous chef started when he was just 12 years old. Growing up in a tiny town called Dolgellau in North Wales, Thomas took a keen interest in baking and cooking at home, where he enjoyed the process of creating something from nothing, and not knowing what the

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