From a la carte to AGED, The Meat & Wine Co food menu options offer a collection of some of the finest dishes in Australia. These menus are a celebration of African-inspired cuisine, Australian culinary traditions, and premium ingredients.

Food menu options to set the mouth watering

We are especially known for our sensational steaks, including our exclusive line of Monte beef, our beautifully marbled grain-fed shorthorn, and our phenomenal AGED programme that introduces Australian diners to world-class aged steaks. 

These steaks are joined by slow-cooked ribs that are char-grilled to perfection to finish, a number of towering skewers, and a tempting array of entrees, salads, sides, and desserts, all of which come together to offer one of the best food menus and dining experiences in Australia.  

Our diverse, delectable drinks menu

Our drinks menu options provide something for everyone, for every occasion.  The wine list is an ode to some of the world’s finest varietals, each hand selected for flavour and quality, and to give diners a range of premium options to pair with their meals. This includes some of Australia’s best wine producers, as well as a number from South Africa, and a selection of New Zealand’s finest. 

On the cocktail menu, you’ll discover our Meat & Wine Co signature drinks, as well as classic cocktails for something a little more traditional. There are more than just a few mocktails for those not drinking, all of which are planned and prepared with just as much passion as our standard cocktails. 

Finally, our drinks menu is topped off with beers, craft beers, ciders, and a vast number of whiskies and spirits, all to ensure that no matter what you’re celebrating, eating, or feeling, we have the perfect tipple to exceed your expectations. 

Zambi Wildlife Foundation Donation

Read about The Meat & Wine Co’s charity partnership with Zambi Wildlife Foundation here.