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8 places to visit in South Yarra

Got a date or friend’s night coming up? Check out our guide on the top 8 places to visit when you’re in South Yarra.

dessert wine pairing

What Wine Pairs With Dessert?

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you will know the importance of pairing the perfect end to your meal with the most suited wine on the menu. Whether the way to your heart is chocolate or you love desserts with fruit as their main ingredient, different wines will enhance these flavours to make the taste

wine and salad pairings

What Wine Pairs With Salad?

When considering which wine pairs best with a salad, there are multiple elements that you will need to think about. There are so many different types of salad, with various vegetables, dressings, and forms of protein chosen to complement one another.  These flavours should all work together in harmony, so it is essential to select

best rib eye

What Wine Pairs With Steak?

There is nothing quite like a delicious steak. No matter whether you cook your favourite steak recipes at home or treat yourself to a wonderful evening at a luxury steakhouse restaurant, steak is incomparable. However, unless you’re a seasoned sommelier, it can be challenging to know what wine pairs with steak the best.  After all,