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Register for the latest updates on the opening of The Meat & Wine Co’s latest location, Castlereagh St in Sydney’s CBD. Opening late 2023.

Sydney CBD Restaurant

Opening late 2023….

The Meat & Wine Co is a popular Sydney steak restaurant, known for our premium steak selection, exceptional wines, and cosy dining atmosphere. With the addition of our Castlereagh Street restaurant to our locations, it’s easier than ever to enjoy unique fare, unparalleled steaks, and African-inspired meals in the heart of Sydney.

Located across the road from Hyde Park and Museum Station, this steak restaurant is not just in a convenient location, but in a beautiful one, too. Make The Meat & Wine Co on Castlereagh your go-to spot for delicious dining, incredible cocktails, and a vibrant atmosphere.

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219-223 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW
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Your local Sydney steak restaurant

The Meat & Wine Co has become one of the most well-known steak restaurants in Sydney – and Australia – thanks to the sheer quality of each steak. 

We source our beef from several of Australia’s most trusted suppliers; Thousand Guineas, O’Connor Beef, and Southern Ranges. Each supplier offers something unique, from grain-fed Shorthorn beef to premium Angus and Hereford.

As well as an excellent selection of premium quality traditional steaks, we also offer our own exclusive dry-aged beef with the AGED programme. Aged in-house with an innovative process, our dry-aged steaks offer guests the opportunity to taste one of the most exquisite meals available to any beef lover. Our process also allows us to offer dry-aged steak that has been infused with subtle flavours to truly elevate your dining experience.

Private dining in Castlereagh St Sydney CBD

Content update coming – For something a little more secluded for a special event, or a little more private for an important business meeting, The Meat & Wine Co offers private dining in Parramatta. 

Our enviable location and beautiful dining spaces make our restaurant the perfect destination for a quieter, more intimate dining experience. This gives you the space and privacy you need to truly enjoy one another’s company and the event. 

We offer four private dining areas, which can accommodate groups of up to 12 people each.  

Learn more about our private dining and venue hire options in Sydney, and get in touch to enquire about your event. 

A Sydney restaurant inspired by Africa

Part of the charm of The Meat & Wine Co is the subtle nods to African cuisine and culture throughout the restaurant. It’s part of what makes our dining spaces look unlike anything else you’ll find in Australia, but also a big part of the menu. 

Even though the menu changes with the seasons, you will always find delectable morsels and dishes inspired by African cuisine such as biltong, South African sausages, and various spices and flavours. Sometimes subtle and sometimes bold, these additions help to uplift The Meat & Wine Co menu and make it truly memorable.

A cosy, vibrant bar on Castlereagh St

The Sydney CBD is not short of great bars, so like pairing your steak with wine, the hardest part is picking the right one for you. 

As well as being a top steak restaurant, The Meat & Wine Co is also very much a great local bar. The wine list is as exceptional as you would expect for any premium Sydney restaurant, including a cocktail list that offers the perfect start to any night out in the city, and a drinks list that includes flight experiences, craft beers, and a wide selection of spirits. 

Stop by for a drink on your way out, or on your way home, or even to be waylaid and end up staying for a bite as well.