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Butter AGED Southern Range Rib-Eye

(Grass Fed, MB 4+) $250/kg
Encased in beef dripping butter infused with black Australian winter truffle, served with your choice of crunchy chips or house salad

Traditional Dry-Aged Southern Range Rib-Eye

(Grass Fed, MB 4+) $240/kg

O'Connor New Yorker

400g (Grass Fed 150 days) $79

Mayura Station Signature New Yorker

400g / 600g (Grain Fed 450 days, MB 9+) $160 / $240

Served with crunchy chips or house salad.
Limited availability, please ask your waiter for today’s availability.
Dry-aged weight varies.

Perfectly paired with

2022 St Hallet ‘Garden of Eden’ Shiraz
Eden Valley, SA
16 / 26 / 75
2020 St Hallet Blackwell Shiraz
Barossa Valley, SA
32 / 49 / 145
2018 St Hallet Old Block Shiraz
Barossa Valley, SA
2018 Petaluma Evans Vineyard Cab Sav
Coonawarra, SA
2012 Grant Burge Shadrach Cab Sav
Barossa Valley, SA

AGED by The Meat & Wine Co.

Our newest dining experience welcomes diners to savour the premium tenderness and taste of expertly dry aged meat.

The perfect steak is a rare and exceptional thing, yet culinary artists are proving that even a perfect steak can be taken to the next level. Through the expert process of dry ageing, chefs further enhance the flavours and tenderness of premium steaks for an unparalleled dining experience.

Make a booking at The Meat & Wine Co to discover what it means to go beyond premium.


The dry ageing process

What is Dry Ageing?


Dry ageing is the process of preparing and drying meats to amplify the flavours and texture in every mouthful.

Modern dry ageing is an expensive, painstaking, and comprehensive process that is not easy to replicate at home, which is both why it is largely unknown, and why it is such a phenomenal, exclusive dining experience. 

This process uses larger pieces of meat that are cleaned, prepared, then moved into a specialised refrigerator for a minimum of four weeks in order to draw out moisture and intensify flavour. This process creates a strong unique taste profile that further enhances the beef.

Dry Ageing Steps

Step 1 - Pre-aging
Before coating the meat, it is placed into a dry ager fridge for 1-3 weeks. It's important to start with this step, as this creates a crust that will protect the meat inside and allow for the aging process to start, this has to be done before the meat is coated or it will not age properly.
Step 2 - Dip in infused butter
Coating the meat with the fat encases the meat and stops the drying process, however, it allows for the meat to continue to age, without oxygen most of the bacteria will stop breaking down the meat, this process is taken over by the proteins and enzymes within the butter, allowing the meat to continue to age, without imparting an overwhelming dry-age flavor, so for those who are not so keen on a strong dry-age flavor this is perfect.
Step 3 - Refrigerate in a dry ager
A specialised dry ager controls the humidity levels, temperature, and airflow inside the fridge. After one month, the meat loses roughly 20% of its weight. It becomes extremely tender, and takes on new flavour properties that are often compared to buttered popcorn, potent beef, and even prosciutto.
Step 4 - Prepare the meat
After 4-6 weeks, the dry-aged steak is removed from the dry ager - giving the beef enough time to become tender and flavourful. Our chefs remove the hard outer coating of butter from the steak, once cleaned & trimmed, the steak is cut into portioned steak ready to serve.
Step 5 - Present to the table
Before we complete the final cooking stage, you will be presented with the cut and weighted serving. This is an excellent opportunity to view the darkened hue of the beef, and your server will be able to point out more subtle changes in the steak.
Step 6 - Cook the steak
Finally, our professional chef will cook the steak. This typically involves just a few minutes of very high searing on each side for the optimum level of crispiness on the outside, and a flawless tenderness on the inside.
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Discover premium dry aged steak at The Meat & Wine Co

Dry aged steak, expertly prepared and cooked at The Meat & Wine Co, is so much more than a meal. It’s an experience, a discovery, and an introduction. It is our newest steakhouse experience, and one that will permanently alter your understanding and appreciation for world-class dining.

Make your booking at The Meat & Wine Co to redefine steak forever.

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Zambi Wildlife Foundation Donation

Read about The Meat & Wine Co’s charity partnership with Zambi Wildlife Foundation here.

Rib-Eye Steak at The Meat and Wine Co

Monte - Grain Fed (120 days) - Ribeye

Our line of exclusive grain-fed Monte beef is a highly marbled steak, which makes it some of the most flavourful in the country. The ribeye is a very tender cut of steak, and carries with it a prime meaty flavour profile.

Steak Menu at The Meat and Wine Co

Monte - Grass Fed - Rump eye

Our Monte range has been grass fed, which means fewer calories and more omega-3s per cut. As for the cut, the rump is typically leaner, with a slightly firmer texture than a fillet, and the eye is the most tender cut of the rump.

Fillet Steak at The Meat and Wine Co

Monte - Grain Fed (120 days) - Fillet

Monte beef is our exclusive line, so we can ensure the quality from gate to plate. Being grain fed means that each cut offers premium marbling throughout the beef, and as a fillet cut, this promises the most tender beef imaginable.

Wagyu Rump Steak at The Meat and Wine Co

Wagyu (450 days) - Rump

Japanese wagyu forms thick webs of fat throughout the beef. These lines of fat are the marbling, and are responsible for immense flavour, tenderness, and juiciness. As a rump cut, it is slightly leaner with a full meaty flavour.

Wagyu Rib-Eye Steak at The Meat and Wine Co

Wagyu (450 days) - Ribeye

Wagyu is a type of beef prized for its exceptional marbling. With webs of marbling throughout every steak, each piece is exceptionally flavourful and tender, and the ribeye cut only serves to augment that experience.

Fillet Steak at The Meat and Wine Co

Shorthorn (150 days) - Fillet

Shorthorn cattle is known for its consistent quality and its high level of marbling throughout the beef, which plays a major role in a cut’s tenderness and flavour. The fillet cut in particular is famously tender.

Rib-Eye Steak at The Meat and Wine Co

Shorthorn (150 days) - Ribeye

Shorthorn is especially slow to grow, which means more marbling throughout the steak, which results in more flavour, juiciness, and tenderness. As a ribeye cut, this choice promises a potent meaty punch, and added tenderness.