Corporate & Business Lunches

Who said business lunches couldn’t be sophisticated, efficient and still provide outstanding service? At the Meat & Wine Co, you experience the best of all 3 with our gorgeous and professional settings, options for an express lunch set menu when you’re against the clock and a waiting staff of experts in both fine dining and wine.

As a specialist corporate lunch venue, we know what it takes to set the tone just right by creating an atmosphere suitable for business discussion whilst also being relaxing enough for you and your guests to thoroughly enjoy our selection of the finest foods and beverages in Australia.

Whether those attending your business lunch are huge steak fans or would much rather lighter vegetarian dishes, we have a huge variety of carefully cured lunch options with both our full dining menu, A La Carte Menu and set menus that will satisfy everyone involved.

Additionally, we are dedicated to providing a service that seamlessly intertwines with business meetings, ensuring that no distractions occur so that your colleagues can concentrate on what truly matters.

From large private dining rooms to a foyer of seating arrangements overlooking your city’s most glorious settings, simply let us know your requirements upon booking and we will work to ensure that our service matches your expectations. Less worrying about what your guests will think of your venue choice and more worrying about how you’re going to work through our delicious menu options!

What to expect at your business lunch?

From the finest cuts of dry aged meat to some of the best wine pairings for every type of food, your experience at The Meat & Wine Co starts right from when you make a booking. We’ll discuss your requirements at length and set the tone from the moment you contact us to ensure that you can rest easy knowing that your business lunch is covered.

Then, once you reach our venue, you will be greeted by our friendly team of waiting staff who will make both you and your colleagues feel welcome before showcasing what’s available from our carefully curated menus. From succulent AGED steak to decadent beef burgers, we know what it takes to feed your appetite, even if it does mean that your mind may be momentarily shifted to just simply enjoying our fascinating flavour combinations!

As we pride ourselves on creating our business lunch venues to be an appropriate space for various types of organisations, we have no doubt that our settings will inspire the right tone for your meetings before we blow you away with our efficient and pleasurable service.

For an unmatched service that is backed by food that will be the talking point of corridor conversations for the weeks that follow, book with us today and reserve your table at one of our stunning locations across Australia.

Our Corporate Lunch Venues

No matter which venue of The Meat & Wine Co you decide to dine at, we can assure you our standards remain equal. As a corporate lunch venue that knows professionals when we meet them, our stylish and modern settings cause little distraction to create a relaxing and elegant vibe that can be hard to replicate in a conference room.

Each venue has a unique vibe while still upholding our high standards of service and food. We aim for all our customers, particularly those conducting business meetings, to have a relaxing environment to do this. There should be minimal distraction and a steady stream of fine foods to keep the conversation flowing.

For a corporate lunch experience that you’ll never forget (for the right reasons!), book with The Meat & Wine Co at any of the following locations:

Zambi Wildlife Foundation Donation

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