Experience Sydney's Best Pre-Dinner Drinks at The Meat & Wine Co

At the end of the week, you want to wind down from work and enjoy some time with your friends in a relaxed atmosphere. The Meat & Wine Co gives you the best pre-dinner drinks Sydney has to offer. Not only do you get happy prices on our drinks list, but you can match the end-of-week drinks with a hearty steak, or some meat skewers.

Why The Meat & Wine Co is Unmissable

Squeezing yourself into a noisy pub in the Sydney CBD at the end of the week does not sound fun. Why not give yourself a change of scene and a change of pace?

Bring your friends, and enjoy the atmosphere and décor influenced by African stylings. Browse our drinks menu for your favourite thirst quencher, choose some fine foods from the menu and settle in for the happiest of pre-dinner drinks in the Sydney CBD.

Find Your Perfect Pre-Dinner Moment

Instead of Googling- the best pre-dinner drinks near me, visit The Meat & Wine Co.’s Sydney CBD restaurant. Find your perfect moment, capture it on camera for memories, share it with your friends and enjoy the experience with us.

Discover Specials in the Heart of the City

Your pre-dinner affair in the city starts at the Meat & Wine Co. You’ll find drink specials on a range of wines, beers and cocktails. These specials are exclusive to our guests in our Sydney CBD restaurant. Come on in and feel special, and relax in the luxurious surroundings of our city restaurant.

The Essence of Pre-Dinner Drinks at The Meat & Wine Co

Pre-dinner drinks is where we want to treat people to special offers, encourage socialising with your friends and enjoy life. It’s held around dinner time, so if you’re enjoying yourself, you can continue the good times with a meal. Or, you’ve had a catch-up, and now it’s time to head home to the family.

It is time to enjoy good food, great wine, and the best of friends and be happy.

Pre-Dinner Drinks at The Meat & Wine Co: A Premium Experience

Pre-dinner drinks in our Sydney CBD restaurant is a cut above the rest. Meat & Wine Co. is a premium destination for steak lovers and wine connoisseurs. You can enjoy more of this top-class dining experience.


Explore the Best Pre-Dinner Drinks Sydney CBD Has to Offer

You can enjoy a range of starters with your pre-dinner drinks, enjoy a casual dining experience after work before heading home. Or sit down for one of our signature char-grilled steaks. Perfect.

Convenient and Classy: Pre-Dinner Drinks Close to You

The Meat & Wine Co Sydney CBD store is centrally located and within easy walking distance of the Museum train station. 

Pre-Dinner Drinks at The Meat & Wine Co: A Premium Experience

The Meat & Wine Co. is a premium destination for steak lovers and wine connoisseurs. With our pre-dinner drinks and dishes now, you can enjoy more of this top-class dining experience.

Signature Drinks and Bites

Delve into the unique atmosphere of The Meat & Wine Co, where pre-dinner drinks is defined by an exclusive assortment of drinks. Relish the delicate fusion found in a Rose & Lychee Spritz or the rich, full-bodied ‘St Hallett ‘Garden of Eden’ Shiraz’, thoughtfully selected to brighten your after-work unwind. Here, every sip is part of a crafted experience designed to complement the essence of your evening’s leisure.

Perfect Pairings: Wine and Bites

The perfect pre-dinner drinks at The Meat & Wine Co is the combination of entrees and wine. You can up the vibe with some Scallop Ceviche and King Prawns, paired with a crisp Sav Blanc from the Woodside Vineyard, South Australia.

A Relaxing Escape: Pre-Dinner Drinks in the CBD

Find a table, sit back and relax, and let our staff come to you. Order your drinks, your entrees, or a mains steak or burger, and forget about lining up at a crowded bar or trying to talk over a noisy crowd.

Our dark, hardwood décor helps you escape the hustle and bustle of the city streets for a while and focus on your friends and food.

Book Your Experience at The Meat & Wine Co

Make your booking today for your next after-work gathering. Make it a regular event with your friends and family. Fill your glass, and your belly, with superior wine, steak and service, with The Meat and Wine Co.

Zambi Wildlife Foundation Donation

Read about The Meat & Wine Co’s charity partnership with Zambi Wildlife Foundation here.