• A complimentary bottle of the following wines: Jim Barry ‘Lodge Hill’ Riesling or Yalumba ‘The Barossa’ Shiraz.
  • This voucher is not redeemable for cash and is inclusive of GST.
  • The complimentary wine voucher is not valid with any other specials or promotions.
  • The voucher is not valid on special event days.
  • The complimentary bottle of wine voucher will be issued with every e-gift card over the value of $250 which is purchased from The Meat & Wine Co website between 01/05/2024 and 30/06/2024.
  • The complimentary bottle of wine voucher is valid for 12 weeks from the date of purchasing the e-gift card.
  • The complimentary bottle of wine must be consumed in-venue within the redemption period. Drink responsibly.
  • Offer is subject to the purchase of any food item.

Gift Cards

The Best Restaurant Vouchers & Gift Cards

Good presents can be hard to find but fortunately there’s a myriad of ways to show your love to the people in your life. You can make something, purchase an item, make a donation to a charity in someone’s name. However if you’ve wracked your brains and still can’t think of anything, just remember a gift should be an act of love, or celebration, and joy. A gift should always say “I have thought of you; you were in my heart when I chose this.

So if you’re having trouble finding a gift for the foodie in your life, why not give them the gift of a dining experience? Why not give them a voucher for a dining sensation at The Meat & Wine Co?

When it comes to dining, The Meat & Wine Co has it all. Delicious meats cooked over gorgeous grills, ranging from steaks to skewers to seafood. Our wide range of cheeses is bound to offer the perfect starter to any meal, whetting your appetite and preparing your stomach for a delicious selection of main meals. Not to mention our all-Australian wine selection is made to perfectly pair with any of our stellar dishes, ranging from a sweet, fruity Pinot Noir, to a delicious full-bodied Malbec. Our restaurant gift cards offer diners the chance to taste some truly wonderful food and drink and will be a Christmas gift your resident foodie will never forget.

At The Meat & Wine Co, we understand finding that perfect gift for your partner can be difficult, so we want to make things a little more simple, which is why we provide gift cards so that your love can have the perfect evening out without needing to foot the bill.

Have them dine at one of our delightful locations, and indulge in our decadent menu, the night is not complete without buttery soft-aged Wagyu tartare and a glass of divine Australian Shiraz. Gift Cards for partners make the perfect Valentine’s day present, or perhaps just a gift to say I love you.

Here at The Meat & Wine Co, we want to make things simple for you, so either purchase a physical card online, via our website, or for absolute convenience we have an e-Gift voucher option too. Enquire within for a romantic dinner at The Meat & Wine Co, we’re looking forward to seeing you.

Birthdays are what we do best at The Meat & Wine Co, so next time you’re looking for a birthday present that will truly impress, why not opt for a gift card from us? 

Birthdays are what we do best at The Meat & Wine Co, so next time you’re looking for a birthday present that will truly impress, why not opt for a gift card from us? Gift Cards for birthdays allow the recipient to tailor the experience to their liking and truly indulge in some of our incredible culinary delights. Our priority is ensuring things are simple and enjoyable for our guests, as such we provide two voucher options. You can opt for a physical gift card if you wish to present a physical present still, or you can choose the e-Gift voucher option, perfect for long-distance friends and family.

When looking for a gift to give to your foodie friend, what better option than a gift card from The Meat & Wine Co? Allow them to indulge in a truly decadent dining experience, complete with incredible restaurant ambience and delightful décor. 

The food lovers amongst us can be notoriously difficult to buy for, but when they dine with us at The Meat & Wine Co, we’ll indulge them with a culinary feast that they won’t forget. Gift cards for foodies truly are a match made in heaven, and we’ll be sure to create the ultimate experience.

If this sounds ideal to you, purchase within one of our delightful locations, or online for the ultimate ease, or for a last-minute or long-distance gift, opt for our e-Gift voucher option. It truly is that easy.

Looking for the perfect gift for Mum can be difficult, after all, they do so much for us. So this year, why not reverse the roles and take care of her for once?

Gift cards for Mum are the perfect present, particularly when they’re from The Meat & Wine Co, they allow her to tailor the dining experience to her liking. So, whether she’s more of a salmon and Chardonnay type or a rib-eye and Cabernet Sauvignon woman, we can do it all.

At The Meat & Wine Co, we want to treat your Mum as well as she treats you, so simply purchase one of our gift cards, or e-Gift vouchers and let us do the rest, we’ll create a dining experience she won’t forget.

This year, truly nail a gift for Dad, with a gift card from The Meat & Wine Co. Much like our Mums, our Dads have always been there to support and care for us, so why not give back a little with a truly special meal at The Meat & Wine Co.

Gift cards for Dad are the perfect present, no matter the occasion, be it a birthday, Father’s day, or Christmas, we’ll make it special no matter what.

Purchase via our website or within one of our stunning locations for a physical gift to hand Dad, or for fathers a little further away, why not send them one of our e-Gift vouchers? From there, leave it to us, and we’ll create a dining experience perfect for such an important person.

Anniversary gift cards for restaurants are a convenient and thoughtful way to show your loved one you care. 

They allow couples to enjoy a romantic dinner together and can be easily purchased online or in-store. Many restaurants offer personalised gift cards, allowing you to add your own message or photo. They are a great option for couples who have different tastes and interests.

Restaurant Lunch Vouchers

Buying a voucher is as simple as Christmas is jolly. Once you’re at our gift cards page, select whether you want a physical gift card or an e-gift card. Once you’ve made your selection, choose a value from the drop-down list, and select “Add to Cart.” 

Once you’ve added all the vouchers you want to your cart, simply follow the payment process. Or if you’ve ordered a physical gift card and want it delivered directly to the person it’s intended for, tick “Ship to a different address” and then add the recipient’s address in the details.

The Meat & Wine Co’s lunches are extraordinary, and a restaurant Christmas voucher or a restaurant birthday voucher will give the receiver a chance to experience our wide range of delicious meats, cheeses, and wines.

Physical gift cards can cover a range of prices from $50-$1000 going up in increments of $25 (e.g. you can buy a gift card for $50, $75, or $100, up to $1000. But you cannot buy a gift card for $55, or $210 etc.)

E-gift cards work on the same principle but start at $100 up to $1000, and increase in increments of $50.

Zambi Wildlife Foundation Donation

Read about The Meat & Wine Co’s charity partnership with Zambi Wildlife Foundation here.