Celebrate Your Anniversary in Style at The Meat & Wine Co

To celebrate an anniversary demands a location that resonates with elegance and unparalleled quality. The Meat & Wine Co. is the perfect choice for couples seeking to indulge in an opulent and inviting dining experience.

Renowned for its exceptional taste profiles and world-class service, The Meat & Wine Co. restaurants curate an anniversary dinner that epitomises the ultimate in luxury dining. With its innovative Afro-centric cuisine infused with delicate, flavoursome touches, The Meat & Wine Co offers an elegant, exclusive setting perfect for creating those unique, memorable moments.

A Romantic Anniversary Dinner in the CBD

Nestled in the heart of the Sydney CBD, The Meat & Wine Co is a gem amongst anniversary restaurants, offering an opulent setting for a romantic celebration. Renowned as one of the best anniversary restaurants in the CBD, it promises you an exclusive, sensational experience with every visit.

A Memorable Evening at Our Anniversary Restaurants

At The Meat & Wine Co, each anniversary is celebrated with curated elegance and bespoke offerings, such as steaks cooked to perfection or delicious ribs that fall from the bone. As a premier destination among anniversary restaurants, guests are treated to an exceptional, personalised experience, complete with exquisite cuisine, fine wines and spirits in our fully-stocked bar, and world-class service, ensuring an evening that remains etched in your memory.

Why Choose The Meat & Wine Co for Your Anniversary

The Meat & Wine Co. stands out as one of the best restaurants for an anniversary dinner, offering a blend of luxurious ambience and exquisite culinary delights. Renowned for being a top pick among nice restaurants for anniversary dinners, it promises an unparalleled, memorable dining experience tailored to make your celebration truly special.

Book a Bespoke Anniversary Experience

Don’t miss your opportunity to have an unparalleled dining experience. Book your table for your happiest occasion now, and celebrate in style with us.


Exquisite Menus for Your Special Day

For a truly special occasion, you need a feed to match. Let us introduce you to our Aged Steak range. Our dry aging process has taken The perfect steak to the next level. It brings a heightened flavour experience to every mouthful. Enquire now for our limited range of dry-aged steaks.

Toast to Your Love: Special Anniversary Drinks

The Meat & Wine Co offers an exclusive and varied drink selection, perfect for making your anniversary celebration memorable. Our carefully curated wine list features some of the finest varietals from renowned wine regions. Highlighted wines include the Shaw & Smith M3 Chardonnay from the Adelaide Hills, known for its intense flavours and excellent balance, and the Yabby Lake ‘Single Vineyard’ Pinot Noir from Mornington Peninsula, praised for its balance and intensity.

If you enjoy red wines with your steaks, the 2019 St. Hallett ‘Higher Earth’ Syrah from Barossa Valley offers a bold and complex profile, ideal for pairing with the restaurant’s dry-aged steak and premium wagyu dishes. Another exquisite choice is the 2018 Yalumba ‘The Signature‘ Cabernet Shiraz, a blend that combines notes of small red berries, blueberries, and spicy cedar.

Completing our selection, we also offer a range of hand-selected spirits, craft beers, ciders, and signature cocktails, ensuring a perfect pairing of drinks with every dish. This extensive selection is designed to enhance the dining experience, making it a top choice among anniversary restaurants for those looking to celebrate with a special touch.

Create Unforgettable Memories on Your Anniversary

Make your anniversary a celebration to remember at The Meat & Wine Co, a premier destination among restaurants for anniversary dinners.

We are known for our exquisite ambience, world-class cuisine, and exceptional service. We offer you an unparalleled setting for celebrating love and commitment. Whether toasting with finely selected wines or savouring expertly crafted dishes, every moment here is designed to create an indelible memory. Choose The Meat & Wine Co for your anniversary dinner and transform this special occasion into a luxurious, unforgettable experience

Reserve Your Romantic Anniversary Celebration

For an anniversary celebration that’s both exquisite and unforgettable, secure your spot at The Meat & Wine Co., one of the most sought-after restaurants for anniversary dinners. Take the chance to create timeless memories in an elegant setting. Book your table now and ensure your special day is celebrated in the most extraordinary way.

Zambi Wildlife Foundation Donation

Read about The Meat & Wine Co’s charity partnership with Zambi Wildlife Foundation here.