Corporate & Business Lunches Sydney

For a decadent business lunch in Sydney overlooking some of the city’s most stunning locations, look no further than The Meat & Wine Co. With four exceptional locations across Sydney CBD (Castlereagh St)Barangaroo, Bella Vista & Parramatta, we know exactly what’s on our corporate diners wish list and match both our menus and service for the ultimate experience.

With each of our restaurants equal in standards, no matter where you are in the bustling city of Sydney, you will find one of our gorgeous corporate lunch spots not too far away. With great tasting food and sophisticated décor that would impress even the most discerning amongst your diners, The Meat & Wine Co is the perfect spot for a business lunch all year round.

As a corporate lunch venue in Sydney, we understand the needs of business owners that conduct important meetings within our space. This is why we ensure our staff are on hand to help with food recommendations. We provide expert knowledge on our fantastic menu whilst allowing you and your meeting participants the time to get down to business once you have ordered. From quick express set menu lunches (that still come with the highest amounts of professionalism) to an A La Carte dining experience for something a little boutique, there’s plenty to choose from.

We have various reservation options available in each of our locations. Whether you need a larger space for your whole team, a private area for a confidential chat or a table in our restaurant, we will be here to assist you and guarantee you have all you need to host a smooth corporate lunch meeting.

Fine dining corporate lunches in Sydney

Often, you may not consider corporate lunches to include fine dining, but here at The Meat & Wine Co, we go the extra mile to ensure all those attending business meetings have finery included in each aspect of our service.

To have the top business lunch venues in Sydney CBD, we prioritise creating a relaxed environment that enables productivity whilst also giving you and your team the space to enjoy a delicious meal. Choose from tasty mains such as AGED steak, wagyu steak, Portuguese chicken and many more, paired with elegant wine for the ultimate corporate lunch.

Of course, it can be challenging to know which bottle of wine to order for your table, so our staff will be on hand to help you find the perfect wine pairing that helps to instil a harmonious mood throughout your meeting.

As you enjoy your meal and talk through business matters, you can relax and make the most of our luxurious decor that helps to create an exclusive, private and professional environment without the formality and blandness you may experience in the usual conference settings.

At The Meat & Wine Co, you can be assured that each element of our service will meet your needs, helping you get the most out of your meetings and leave you satisfied.

Stress-free business lunch bookings

Having four of the best business lunch venues in Sydney means that The Meat & Wine Co has the ability to seamlessly accommodate professionals across the city. No matter which location is most suited for you, we can assure you that high-quality service and food will be apparent in Sydney CBD (Castlereagh St), Barangaroo, Bella Vista & Parramatta

Although one-on-one business lunches are incredibly common, we are used to seating larger groups for corporate meetings too. Private dining options ensure your team can enjoy complete privacy whilst tucking into delicious dishes and indulging in our wine pairings. 

Our Barangaroo venue has private dining options for between 4-22 guests should you need to fit a large group within our venue. On the other hand, Paramatta has private dining for up to 12 guests. Whichever venue you choose; we will try out best to provide you with what you need to host a professional lunch that runs smoothly, whether you need a private dining space or will sit in our restaurant. 

The interior décor of The Meat & Wine Co helps to create a relaxing environment, whilst your team can enjoy the scenery of central Sydney thanks to our handy locations being centred in and around the heart of the city.

Sydney’s most beautiful corporate lunch venue hire

Although each of our venues has a similar excellent standard of service and food, there are different options regarding seating arrangements and venue hire. If you need a large group of up to 22 guests, our Barangaroo venue will likely work best for you and your business needs, with private dining options for up to 22 guests. 

Our Parramatta venue has large group booking availability, with private dining spaces for up to 12 guests, making these venues perfect for small – mid-sized groups. 

You can enquire about hiring one of our venues or general booking online. Simply let us know the details of your booking, such as the number of participants, date, time and dietary requirements, and we will get to work ensuring you have an outstanding corporate lunch!

Zambi Wildlife Foundation Donation

Read about The Meat & Wine Co’s charity partnership with Zambi Wildlife Foundation here.