Corporate & Business Lunches Canberra

If you often host business lunches in Canberra, you may require a new location that impresses your colleagues whilst creating a professional and relaxing atmosphere that you can’t find in regular conference rooms.

The Meat & Wine Co is the ideal corporate lunch venue in Canberra, instilling a professional vibe while allowing your team to enjoy great food, sophisticated décor and excellent service. Our venue is situated in the heart of Canberra CBD, making it an easy meeting point for teams, new colleagues and all professionals involved.

Both our delicious express lunch menu for timely gatherings and our decadent A La Carte Menu are centred around great cuts of meat and beautiful wine pairings. After all, that is our speciality! However, for any guests who would prefer fish, salad or vegetarian options, we don’t treat those as an afterthought either!

Throughout your entire corporate lunch, both you and your peers will be met with professional service that goes above and beyond to ensure you have all you need for productive meetings, with delicious food served to your table. We cater to all party sizes, so no matter how big or small your corporate meeting is, you can be confident that we can meet your standard and ensure your meeting runs smoothly.

The best corporate lunch dining experience in Canberra

Positioned just off City Hill on Constitution Avenue, we hold excellent standards that are perfect for quick lunch time bites or more serious business sit down lunches. We recognise what it takes to run a great corporate lunch and pride ourselves on being one of the best business lunch venues in Canberra CBD. 

When dining with The Meat & Wine Co, you can wow your business partners with the excellent food served to your table. From our decadent AGED steak range, beef burgers and meat skewers to vegetarian and pescatarian options, we accommodate all dietary needs with mind-blowing flavours that will bring pleasure to your business meeting. 

Although our flavours may make your mouth water and set your mind ablaze, our decor, mood lighting and interiors ensure that productivity will not be lost when dining at The Meat & Wine Co. It’s a setting that provokes an intimate and exclusive lunch experience that makes you and your guests feel like you’re the only ones dining with us.

Of course, our food and aesthetic are brought to life by excellent service that makes you and your guests feel relaxed and at ease. Whilst we won’t distract from your meeting, we will ensure you have all you need; whether that be advice on suitable wine pairings for your meat or some extra cutlery, we’ve got your back.

If you’re seeking a corporate lunch experience that’s conveniently situated, exquisitely tasteful and supported by one of the most carefully considered lunch menus in Canberra, look no further than The Meat & Wine Co.

You book, and we’ll handle the rest

We know all too well that organising a superb business lunch that doesn’t transpire into being an embarrassment can be stressful. That’s why we ensure that right from the moment you book with us, we’ll take care of everything so you can relax. All you need to do is enter your proposed date, time, and number of attendees, and we will handle it from here!

It’s this easy process and carefully considered approach that makes us one of the best business lunch venues in Canberra. We have an excellently diverse menu that caters to various dietary requirements and tastes, but we understand that sometimes you need an extra hand when choosing the perfect meal. Our staff will be on hand to point you toward the best options for you and your team, providing you with all the information you need regarding both our food, wine and desserts.

So, whether you know which bottle of wine you should order for your table to accompany a range of flavours or just know which way you should have your steak cooked, we have all the necessary knowledge to help you.

Looking for a business lunch venue hire? No problem!

There is no reason why your business lunch should be just limited to you and a few others. After all, inclusion and morale are critical within a workplace and we have private rooms available for between 4-12 people to cater for that! 

If you’re searching for business lunch venue hire services in Canberra that won’t buckle under the pressure of large groups, our private functions and large group booking services are absolutely perfect to impress your guests.

When dining with The Meat & Wine Co for a business lunch, you can enjoy hand-picked wines, cocktails and beers paired with the most succulently fresh cuts of meat that will have you and your team salivating the following morning in the office. 

At each part of your meal, you will be met with attentive service that points you in the right direction regarding what to order, ingredient lists and a helping hand for any queries you may have. Head on over to our venue hire page to reserve your team’s next best experience.

Zambi Wildlife Foundation Donation

Read about The Meat & Wine Co’s charity partnership with Zambi Wildlife Foundation here.