A la Carte Menu

A la Carte Menu

Unique African-Inspired Steakhouse Menu

Carefully monitored from paddock to plate, our top-graded beef is grilled to perfection on the grill with our signature African-inspired basting. Choose from grass-fed or grain-fed premium beef in your preferred cut, or enjoy a beautifully marbled wagyu steak cooked to your liking. Pair with a quality Australian wine from our extensive wine list for the ideal lunch or dinner.

Our a la carte offering is also more than just a steak menu: we source world-class produce to bring you cutting-edge modern cuisine in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. From the freshest seafood and tender slow-cooked ribs to vibrant seasonal salads and artisan cheeses from around the world, there’s something to please every taste on our carefully curated a la carte menu.

Monte Beef: Producing the Best Steak (in our humble opinion)

We may be biased, but we believe our exclusive line of Monte Beef produces some of the best steaks in the world. Closely monitored from farm to table, our premium beef is sourced solely for The Meat & Wine Co to ensure only the most top-graded produce is served up at each of our steak restaurants.

Like all good restaurants, our people form the cornerstone of our success. Our talented chefs are passionate about providing a superb dining experience to each one of our guests, working with top-quality ingredients to bring you the best steakhouse menu in Australia.




Oysters Natural 1/2 Dozen 28 Dozen 56
Oysters Lemon Granita 1/2 Dozen 29 Dozen 58
Wagyu Tartare 16
Smoked yolk, green dressing, herbs and garlic crostini
Salmon Tartare 18
Atlantic salmon, citrus dressing, avocado, coriander and garlic crostini
Caviar 110
30g traditional sturgeon caviar
Wagyu Bresaola 16
MB 7+ cured wagyu beef, sliced with grissini
Biltong 12
Spiced South African cured beef


Bread (serves 1) 5
Fresh baked bread with cultured butter & black lava salt
Garlic Bread 9
Toasted sourdough, cheesy béchamel, parsley and Parmesan crust
Bruschetta 12
Avocado, Roma tomato, Spanish onion, garlic oil, basil and Parmesan
Boerewors 14/26 
Coriander, cumin and beef sausage, pap croquettes and spicy chakalaka
Pork Belly 17
Southern chilli glazed pork belly. Carrot, celeriac, beetroot and pumpkin slaw
Szechuan Calamari 15/24
Lightly fried calamari, cucumber, onion, lemon and nam jim
Beetroot & Labne 14
Baby beets, smoked labne, radish, rocket, quinoa crisp, fetta and dill oil
Prawns 24
Garlic, ginger and coriander marinated king prawns. Grilled and served with black garlic aioli
Burrata 19
Seasonal tomato salad, salsa verde, toasted garlic sourdough
Halloumi 15
Grilled with red pepper ajvar, rocket, mandarin and olive oil
Tasting Plate (serves 3-5) 55
Szechuan Calamari, Pork Belly, Bruschetta and Halloumi


Served with your choice of crunchy chips or farm salad unless stated*

Beef  32
New Yorker cuts grilled to your liking with house basting
Prawn & Beef (Temperature recommendation: Medium) 45
New Yorker cuts, QLD prawns, lemon and house basting
Salmon 36
Fermented chilli, miso, sesame, soy, scallions, ginger and garlic
Portuguese Chicken 32
Peri peri spiced chicken thigh with lemon
Kangaroo (Temperature recommendation: Medium-Rare) 38
Loin-fillet, buttered potato, native bush spice, tomato chutney and crispy onion rings

Sides & Salads

Mac & Cheese 15
Penne, truffle béchamel, aged parmesan
Broccolini 13
Sautéed broccolini, almonds
Wedge Salad 14
honey bacon, cherry tomatoes, fried shallots, crisp iceberg, crumbled blue cheese and ranch dressing
Cauliflower Bake 11
roasted cauliflower, béchamel, English cheddar, aged Parmesan
Caesar Salad 13
cauliflower, baby gem, anchovy, crostini, Parmesan, dressing
Greek Salad 13
cos, fetta, tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, dressing
Farm Salad 7
cos, cucumber, onion, radish, parsley, tomato vinaigrette
Crunchy Chips 7
Sweet Potato Fries 7
Onion Rings 7
Mash 8


Portuguese 4
Barbeque Relish 4
Hot African Chilli 4
Garlic Cream 4
Peppercorn 4
Blue Cheese 4
Mushroom 4
Black garlic butter 4
Red Wine Jus 7

Meat Temperatures

Blue: Sealed, very red in the centre. Room temperature
Rare: Red in the centre. Lukewarm temperature
Medium-Rare: Pinkish-red in the centre. Warm temperature
Medium: Pink in the centre. Hot temperature
Medium-Well: Very little pink in the centre. Hot temperature
Well-Done: No pink, brown in the centre. Hot temperature

Slow-Cooked Ribs

Beef and pork ribs are slow-cooked and finished on a flaming hot char-grill with our unique basting.

Lamb ribs are char-grilled with a lemon, herb and mustard marinade.

All are served with crunchy chips or farm salad

Beef Ribs Half Rack 36 Full Rack 59
Pork Ribs Half Rack 39 Full Rack 59
Lamb Ribs Half Rack 36
Ribs Platter 59
A selection of beef, lamb and pork ribs
200g Monte Fillet and Half Rack Pork Ribs 69


Premium Beef Burger (cooked medium) 29
Pasture-fed primal beef patty, Monterey Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, crispy onion rings, truffle aioli and caramelised onion jam. Served with chips and pickle on the side
Chicken Breast 29
Marinated chicken, white barley, porcini mushroom sauce, rocket, salsa verde, red wine jus
Lamb Shank 36
Slow-cooked oven roasted shank, creamy mash, roasted carrots, red wine reduction
Eggplant Lasagne 25
Layered fresh pasta sheets, eggplant and tomato Ragu, Parmesan

Children's Menu

Children 12 years & under.

Cheese Burger with crunchy chips, sweet potato chips or garden salad 12
Grilled Chicken Tenders with crunchy chips, sweet potato chips or garden salad 12
Fish & Chips 12
Mac & Cheese 12


The Grand Finale 50
(Serves 3-5) A selection of our individual desserts. Chocolate & Hazelnut Fondant, Creme Brulee, Raspberry Apple Pie and Rhubarb & Raspberry Frangipane
Chocolate Fondant 17
Chocolate fondant with chocolate centre, fior de latte ice cream, chocolate sauce and honeycomb
Crème Brûlée 13
Classic crème brulee with coffee meringue biscuit
Raspberry Apple Pie 14
Fried apple and raspberry pastry, raspberry gel, cinnamon sugar and mascarpone ice cream
Rhubarb & Raspberry Frangipane 13
Poached raspberry and rhubarb, frangipane tart, fior de latte ice cream, raspberry coulis


Baked Camembert 20
Baked wheel of camembert with honey and toasted sourdough
Cheese (Serves 1-2) 29
Woombye Triple Cream Truffle Brie, Berry’s Creek Tarwin Blue and Jack’s English Club Cheddar served with conserve and assorted crackers

Liquid Dessert

Affogato 12
Espresso, vanilla bean ice cream and choice of liqueur: Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelico, Fusion Caramel Vodka, Fusion Coffee Vodka, Fusion Chocolate Vodka
Dom Pedro 17
Vanilla bean ice cream blended with one of the following: Jameson, Kahlua, Baileys, Frangelico
The Glenmorangie Whisky Experience 26
These Glenmorangie Whiskies have been aged for 10 years in ex-bourbon barrels. Three have then been aged for a further 2 years for an exploration into different barrel finishes
Glenmorangie 10YO
Glenmorangie Nectar D’or
Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban
Glenmorangie Lasanta
The Ardbeg Whisky Experience 32
For those adventurous types who love the unyielding smoky and peaty flavours of Single Malt Islay Whisky
Ardbeg 10YO
Ardbeg Corryvreckan
Ardbeg Uigeadail
Ardbeg Limited Release
The Russell’s Reserve Experience 26
For those who enjoy the sweet and smooth tones of Bourbon
Russell’s Reserve 10YO
Bond and Lillard
Old Ripy
Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel
The Hennessy Experience 28
Twin tasters of stunningly crafted Cognac
Hennessy VS
Hennessy XO


Please ask for our allergy menu. Every possible care has been taken to ensure that these menu items are allergy free, certain items may still contain traces of allergic ingredients as they are prepared in an environment that may contains allergic ingredients.


Sydney – $5 per person on Sundays and public holidays
Melbourne & Perth – $5 per person on public holidays


A selection of Monte Beef products are Halal certified from our supplier and precautions are taken in the cooking methods of our dishes, however our restaurant kitchen environment is not certified by the A.F.I.C.

Please ask your waiter.