Your guide to the best Netflix shows for meat lovers

Your guide to the best Netflix shows for meat lovers

At The Meat & Wine Co, everything revolves around exceptional cuts and succulent meats. 

We hand select farms across Australia for sourcing our meats, and take care to prepare, cook, and serve each dish with perfection. We are passionate about meat, and know that many of our diners share the same excitement we do for exceptional dishes. 

So when it comes time to ‘switch off’, that passion for meat stays on. And we’ve discovered a treasure trove of shows on Netflix where you can relax and enjoy some downtime while still learning about meat dishes and how to prepare them to the best effect. 

Here are our top five favourite shows on Netflix for meat lovers. 

Chef’s Table

Chef’s table is an American documentary series that began airing in 2015, and is now up to its sixth season, with at least two more seasons approved and underway. 

The series focuses on different top chefs around the world, delving into their histories, inspirations, and favourite foods. We learn all about their unique cooking techniques and personal ways of doing things as they pass on their own secrets from the kitchen. 

This is a show that’s for people who love food, love to learn new and exciting ways to prepare food, and love to hear more about what drives some of the best chefs in the world. 

You might even recognise one of Australia’s own top chefs. In season one, episode five, the show takes us to Melbourne’s Attica restaurant to learn more about chef Ben Shewry. Some seasons focus on specific topics or regions, such as season two which just covers France, and season four which focuses on pastry chefs. 

Overall, it’s a show that’s as easy and enjoyable to watch as a steak is to eat. You’ll learn a variety of cooking tips and tricks, and get an insider’s view into the life and world of some of the best chefs on the planet. 

Chef’s Table: BBQ

If you loved Chef’s Table but thought it could have done with 100% more meat dishes, Chef’s Table: BBQ is the ideal Netflix show for your ‘tastes’. This spin-off documentary series began in 2020, and has so far aired for just one season. 

In this short but spectacular season, we’re taken to the kitchens and BBQs of renowned BBQ chefs around the world, kicking off in Texas, USA, before making our back to our own shores again to visit Firedoor in Sydney. There, chef Lennox Hastie shows us (and the world) how Australian ingredients and an open fire can make for some of the best dishes in the country. He sources his beef from Victor Churchill before ageing it for 200 days, and discusses the rich history of cooking over a fire from Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. 

After chef Hastie’s episode, the season heads back to South Carolina to Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog BBQ before finishing up in Yaxuna, Mexico. 

Like the original series, Chef’s Table: BBQ dives into the motivations and inspirations of each chef, introducing us to their backgrounds, cultures, and specialty cooking techniques that we could use at home. 

It’s a beautifully shot and edited show, and one that will leave your mouth watering and your stomach rumbling. 


Perhaps unsurprisingly, MeatEater is one of the best shows on Netflix for those who love to eat meat. 

This series began in 2012, and has since seen 10 seasons, the most recent airing in 2021. The entire show is based around American man Steven Rinella, an outdoorsman and hunter who is passionate about game, and about showing people at home how hunters contribute to and protect the land. 

Throughout the series, Steven travels around the world, from far-flung locations in Alaska and Montana, to the mountains of New Zealand, to the wilds of Mexico, and plenty of places in between. Each episode follows Steven as he hunts his game, discusses the importance of locally sourced meat and the land protection aspect of hunting, and prepares and cooks his catches.

His cooking techniques are traditional – often simply cooking his catches over a fire – and his dishes are often inspired by the local culture and local produce. 

Steven makes the art of hunting and cooking in the wild absolutely fascinating.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner with David Chang 

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with David Chang is a lesser known Netflix series that launched in 2019. There are just four episodes, but each one is well worth your time. 

In each episode, chef David Chang meets a celebrity in an international city, then they spend their time eating local food, talking about the city and its culture, and discovering different cuisine quirks and preferences in each place. 

For those who have spent the last couple of years dreaming of travel and the fun of discovering new foods, it’s the perfect show to whisk you away. 

In the first episode, David meets with Canadian actor Seth Rogen in Vancouver. From there he goes to Marrakesh with model and celebrity personality Chrissy Teigen where they make their own tagines, before heading to Los Angeles with actress and producer Lena Waithe. The final episode takes you to Phnom Penh with actress Kate McKinnon, where they unravel some of Cambodia’s dark history and how that has affected the country’s food culture. 

This show is about people, culture, travel, and getting out of your comfort zone, all with incredible (and daring) meals at its heart. 

The Final Table

The final pick is The Final Table, an American reality television cooking competition show. This show, just one season at the moment, features 12 international teams, each comprised of two professional chefs. 

In each episode, the teams are challenged to create elevated dishes that are based on a national dish of a specific country, and the dishes are judged by a food critic and two local citizens from that country. The teams with the lowest scores must then compete in an elimination round where they must create a dish based on a single ingredient (chosen for them) from the country’s culture. 

There are three Australian chefs featured on the show. Mark Best and Shane Osborn are paired together, and Alex Haupt is in a team with South African chef Ash Heeger. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see the teams attempt an elevated Australian dish, but we do enjoy a whirl-wind world tour with inspiring dishes from all over the planet. 

Inspired and hungry? 

These five great shows will leave you feeling both hungry and inspired. We highly encourage you to get cooking at home, but also to make a booking with Meat & Wine Co to finally be able to taste steak, seafood, or any of our exquisite meat dishes cooked by our own professional chefs. 

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