Truffle Steak at The Meat & Wine Co

The dry-aged truffle steak is back

For the past year, The Meat & Wine Co has served up a variety of dry-aged steaks. Aged in house and prepared with a unique ageing method that allows the infusion of subtle flavours, these world-class cuts have been immensely popular with diners.

A year ago, we introduced the dry aged truffle steak; a steak aged with truffle in the butter for an infusion so rich and delectable that it became an immediate all-time favourite for our chefs and diners alike.

This June, as Australia delves back into truffle season, we’re doing it all again; dry aged steak with truffle infusion.

Right now – and for a limited time – our AGED Monte Rib-Eye has been infused with fresh Australian winter truffle. Book your table now, before it’s gone.

Dry-aged steak with fresh truffle

Dry ageing steak relies on a natural process that occurs when a piece of beef is dry aged. Under temperature- and humidity-controlled conditions, beef will form a tough crust on its exterior as it ages, which enhances the interior flavour, helps to retain some moisture, and ensures a beautiful, tender final cut. This crust is cut away and discarded once the beef is aged. 

Yet this crust is formed from the beef itself, meaning that a large amount of premium meat is simply thrown away during the process, creating waste and raising the cost of the final product. 

To reduce waste and cost, The Meat & Wine Co have established a process that relies on a natural crust to begin forming, then adds a generous layer of butter and fat to halt the crust-formation but continue the ageing process. 

Yet with this ingenious layer, we discovered one more thing – flavour infusions. By adding some of the most flavourful herbs and ingredients known to man, we can add subtle hints of something entirely new to our dry aged steak. 

That’s how, for every batch of dry aged steak we make, we add something extra special. Right now, that infusion is the revered truffle, and our supplies are limited. 

‘The diamond of the kitchen’: Truffles

The truffle is a rare, exclusive fungus that grows underground in specific conditions around the roots of certain trees. Not only is it rare, it is also exceptionally difficult to cultivate or find in the wild – often requiring specially trained dogs to sniff them out so humans can dig them up.

The result is one of the most surreal, inexplicable, and utterly delectable flavours on the planet. It’s why it’s known as ‘the diamond of the kitchen’, and why it is so highly prized amongst chefs and haute cuisine. 

They have been described as garlicy, earthy, musky, and pungent, but it really is such a unique flavour that it’s something everyone must experience for themselves. 

Humans have been enjoying truffles for thousands of years, and they have always been regarded as something truly special, which is why we’re so excited to offer truffle steak to our diners for a limited time. 

The steakhouse that innovates

The Meat & Wine Co is always innovating, which is how we created this incredible process for dry ageing steak, and why we are able to offer truffle-infused steak that will reset your bar for what great steak can be. 

Make your booking at The Meat & Wine Co to try our phenomenal truffle steak before it’s gone.

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