Introducing our newest restaurant in Canberra at the iconic Constitution Place

The Meat & Wine Co is thrilled to announce our newest restaurant opening in Constitution Place in Canberra on the 21st of April 2021. 

Diners are able to enjoy our premium dishes, from the AGED program to our exclusive line of Monte beef, to our hand-selected wine list and exceptional a la carte menu options. Our Afro-centric restaurant can be found in the city’s CBD, where it will welcome diners and after-work relaxers every night of the week. 


Serving the best steak in Canberra 

As a premium steakhouse, The Meat & Wine Co will soon be serving some of the best steak in Canberra. 

This includes the exclusive new AGED program, the silver lining on the lockdown cloud, which saw our head chef Thomas Godfrey use the down time to research and develop a premium dry aged steak experience for diners. He developed a unique butter ageing technique, which reduces both waste and cost. 

Aside from dry aged steaks, The Meat & Wine Co offers an exceptional range of standard steak dishes. 

“This includes an exclusive range of Monte beef selected from the best Angus cattle stock, as well as heritage shorthorn beef that was originally brought to Australia by the first settlers in the late 1700s, and an Australian wagyu that has been finished on 450 days of grain feed for superior marbling scores,” explains Meat & Wine Co Senior Food Manager Thomas Godfrey. 

Yet steak is neither the only option on the menu, nor is it the only premium dining experience available. Our a la carte menu follows the seasons for freshness and flavour, encompassing ethical best practices and ensuring incredible quality no matter the dish. 

A sense of African nostalgia and belonging

The Meat & Wine Co has African roots, and this is a big part of our culture as a restaurant. 

When working with Design Partnership Australia to bring this idea to life in our Canberra restaurant, Designer Architect Calle Van Der Merwe found inspiration in dreams, stories, and narration. 

“As humans we are drawn to being part of a bigger dream, story and narration. Allowing us to live in a moment of time. There is a sense of African nostalgia and belonging, which is why the golden crown and “Shongololo” was created and brought to the city.” 

“Every golden fabric piece is like a single moment, however when many singular moments are brought together, they create “tapestry”. A tapestry that is able to tell a full rich, deep story with many layers and facets along the way. This is our interpretation and our story for Meat and Wine Co Canberra.”

Every part of the layout, colour schemes, and decor has been carefully planned with a sense of belonging, warmth, and welcoming in mind. We’re one of the best new restaurants in Canberra not just for our impeccable dishes and extensive drinks menu, but for our genuine desire to make every diner feel comfortable and welcome. 

Discover one of the best new Canberra restaurants

Make your booking at The Meat & Wine Co Canberra to try one of our premium steaks, relax with a refreshing after-work drink, and discover your favourite new go-to restaurant. 

Introducing our newest restaurant in Canberra at the iconic Constitution Place



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