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More About Monte, Shorthorn and Wagyu

The Meat & Wine Co proudly serves some of the finest cuts of beef in Australia. We are among the finest steak restaurants in Melbourne, and have long served some of the best steak in Sydney (though we will admit we might be ever so slightly biased). What is the secret to our culinary expertise?

It could well be our chefs, who are passionately dedicated to their craft, and have spent countless hours perfecting our recipes. It could be our excellent waitstaff, who are friendly, diligent and warm whatever the circumstance. However, we wouldn’t be able to feasibly claim that The Meat & Wine Co was among the best steak restaurants in Australia if it wasn’t for the star of the show: our beef. We source beef from several carefully selected suppliers, all in the name of serving up the juiciest, most tantalising steak possible.

Monte Beef

Monte beef, our very own premium, exclusively sourced beef, is packed with flavour and cooked to perfect melt-in-the-mouth tenderness. The development of Monte beef is a masterful process from the paddock to your plate, with an advanced monitoring programme ensuring that all cows are healthy, well looked-after, and grass fed, meaning fewer calories and high amounts of heart-healthy omega-3. Monte beef is, in our humble opinion, some of the most delicious beef you will find in Australia.

Wagyu Beef

Wagyu beef originally came to Australia from Japan, where it has since been declared a national treasure and delicacy. Some of the best beef in the world, wagyu steaks are renowned for their dreamy tenderness and their explosion of flavour. Due to wagyu cows being lovingly nurtured and fed on a gourmet diet of grains, wagyu beef is both nutritious and delicious, with a texture that is equally as perfect. Due to a genetic difference in wagyu cows, more than almost any other beef, wagyu provides plenty of healthy fats.

Shorthorn Beef

Originating in England and Scotland, shorthorn beef has an enviable reputation throughout the world and is known for its extremely high quality in all areas, including texture, flavour, and tenderness. Shorthorn beef is treasured by chefs and restaurant-goers all around the world.

Grain Fed vs Grass Fed: What are the benefits?

We could hardly make our case as the best steakhouse in Sydney or Melbourne without knowing a thing or two about the differences between grain and grass fed cattle. Whilst grain is more common across Australia, gram for gram, grass fed beef contains less total fat. In terms of nutrition, both feeds produce beef with similar levels of omega-6, but when it comes to omega-3, grass-fed beef typically offers five times the amount- something to consider for those who are being a bit more health conscious.

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