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Menu Spotlight: Why We’re Proud to Call Ourselves a Wagyu Steak Restaurant

If you’ve never before visited a wagyu steak restaurant, you may, without realising it, be missing out on some of the tastiest beef on earth. Wagyu beef holds an honourable reputation among beef lovers, with rumours abounding about its origins and the process by which the cows are reared. Keep reading to learn what makes wagyu steak so impossibly delicious.

What is wagyu beef?

The name ‘wagyu’ translates literally to ‘Japanese cow’, because the cows originated in Japan.  Wagyu cattle have existed for a very long time, and have long been praised for their mild disposition and their strength despite their medium size. When it comes to their beef, wagyu is famous throughout the world for its extremely fine, melt-on-the-tongue tenderness, its exquisite flavour, and its unique health benefits.

In more recent years, wagyu beef has spread beyond Japan, and is enjoyed increasingly in Australia. Production of wagyu beef in Australia now exceeds that of Japan; such is the demand for the mouth-watering meat. Beef aficionados have long maintained that no other beef in existence can rival the tender texture and marbled appearance of wagyu steak. And why? Because the cows enjoy a life of pampering and luxury unparalleled anywhere else. Although some of these are likely false – such as cows being given beer, massaged daily and sung to by, presumably, multi-talented ranch-hands  – they are indeed fed a unique grain diet, and are regularly brushed and well looked after.

What makes wagyu beef so tasty?

The reverence for wagyu beef is ubiquitous; head to any top-level restaurant in the world and you will find chefs fawning over the delicate steak. The tenderness and the meat’s unique appearance – particularly fatty in comparison with Western beef – is deliberate, and a result of the grain-based diet the cows are raised on. The fat, of course, contains much of the flavour of a steak, and wagyu steak fat in particular dissolves at a much lower temperature than other beef. This brings about the pleasurable mouth-melting sensation diners experience.

As well as wagyu beef being lip-smackingly tasty, it is also exceptionally healthy. Not only does wagyu steak contain a higher amount of natural and healthy (monounsaturated) fats than other beef, it contains higher levels of omegas 3 and 6. In addition, the meat boasts high levels of linoleic acid, which is beneficial to both muscle growth and fat loss.

The unique process through which the beef is produced, its numerous health benefits, and of course its unforgettable flavour, is the reason that at Meat & Wine Co, we are proud to be an Australian wagyu steak restaurant. We strive to serve only the finest food and drink, and we can comfortably say that if you are looking for the best steak in Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne – or anywhere else in the world, for that matter – wagyu beef is the most excellent steak you will find. Discover for yourself at any of The Meat & Wine Co locations.

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