AGED – Introducing Honey & Thyme, Dry-aged steak as you’ve never tasted it before

Dry aged steak is an incredible steak experience that will make it difficult to go back to standard steaks, and the infused flavours of dry aged meats at The Meat & Wine Co showcase just how exquisite this dish can be.

Our current dry aged steak flavour infusion is that of honey and thyme, an age-old pairing that adds a subtle sweetness and savoury hit to every bite. 

Here’s a little more about our honey and thyme infusion, our AGED program, and where you can get your hands – or your knife and fork – on one for yourself. 

Honey and thyme: A match made in steak heaven

Honey is an ancient ingredient as delicious as it is versatile. It never goes off, and its natural sweetness makes it the perfect addition to everything from baking and drinks to dry aged steak.

On the other hand, thyme is a hugely aromatic herb, and can be used for anything from perfuming a room to adorning a cocktail. It’s one of the more popular herbs for savoury dishes, especially on breads and with cheeses, and of course, its herbal taste and smell are the ideal accompaniment to many meats. 

Together, honey and thyme are a favourite combination the world over. The gentle sweetness of honey and the aromatic touch of thyme infuse our dry aged steak with a subtle yet distinct flavour profile that lingers on the tongue alongside the tender richness of the meat. 

Of course, this flavour infusion doesn’t come naturally for aged steak. It’s all part of our unique ageing process. 

dry aged - honey & thyme

Infusing steak with our exclusive ageing process

The AGED programme is The Meat & Wine Co’s magnum opus, which is why we have quickly become the dry aged steak restaurant to try in Australia. 

Our exclusive ageing process involves ageing cuts of premium meat for six weeks in a dedicated, environmentally controlled dry ager. This allows the proteins within the meat to break down the muscles and fibres, creating a more tender, more flavourful dining experience than you could find any other way. 

Yet while the traditional dry ageing method allows a hard crust to form over the steak as it ages, our method involves slathering a thick layer of butter over the meat. This allows for the steak to age as it usually would, but without the hard crust that is usually cut off and discarded, wasting as much as 30-40 per cent of the meat. 

And within this layer of butter and animal fat, we experiment with the most exquisite flavour combinations imaginable. We recently infused the butter, and therefore the cuts of steak, with delicious black garlic, and our current honey and thyme offer is something truly special.

Limited thyme only

Each batch of dry aged steak takes up to two months to create, at which point we add it to our menu and focus on the next batch. That means that honey and thyme is only here for a limited time only. 

Make your booking at Meat & Wine Co to try our honey and thyme infused dry aged steak for an unforgettable dining experience before it’s gone. And don’t forget, The Meat & Wine Co Adelaide has recently opened for our South Australian guests. 

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