New Year's Eve Restaurant Parramatta

There’s no better way to see 2022 off than by seeing your city come alive as the countdown begins. But it’s important to remember that the night is long, and there are always better ways to anticipate the arrival of midnight and a brand new year than simply just waiting and watching your clock.

Wandering around Sydney on New Year’s Eve brings plenty of potential for those looking for a meaningful way to herald in the New Year. But we believe one of the best ways to start off your evening every December 31st is to enjoy a fine-dining experience.

Nestled within the Meriton Suites beside the serene Parramatta River as it winds its way down into the heart of Sydney, the Meat & Wine Co Parramatta is guaranteed to deliver not only a fine steak dinner cooked to perfection, but a great vantage point for seeing all that lies ahead as the clock nears midnight as well. Our modern Afro-centric decor, timeless ambience, and inspired offerings of food and drinks including Australian and South African-made wines alongside beers, spirits, and signature cocktails and mocktails, will all work together to ensure that your New Year’s Eve kicks off with a bang.

And thanks to our reputation as one of the best eateries and boutique bars in Western Sydney, Meat & Wine Co Parramatta is sure to be a New Year’s Eve venue that your entire party will fall head over heels in love with. If you’d like to dine with us for New Year’s Eve, then place an enquiry today in order to secure your booking.

New Year’s Eve Dinner Venue In Parramatta

From our exclusive range of Monte beef to our extensive range of fresh, locally sourced seafood and salad dishes, there’s certainly a little gourmet for everyone to enjoy here at Meat & Wine Co Parramatta. But steak fans in particular will be sure to find a plate of our signature in-house dry-aged steak accompanied by any of our superb wine and drinks pairings, to be a truly unforgettable fine-dining experience.

We have four private dining spaces here at the Meat & Wine Co Parramatta, all of which can seat up to 12 people each. This means that you can book for a full party of 12 this New Year’s and enjoy an intimate yet still comfortable and spacious dining experience. Contact us today if you’d like to place a booking at the Meat & Wine Co Parramatta in time for New Year’s.

Parramatta NYE Dinner Packages

As far as New Year’s Eve dinner packages in Parramatta go, you’re not likely to find one as sumptuous and yet still undeniably ‘salt of the earth’ as ours. Our mesmerising A La Carte menu boasts an array of seasonal dishes including brilliantly presented biltong, Chermoula marinated prawns, and our signature aged Wagyu tartare amongst other delightfully delectable dinner and dessert options. And if you’d like to stay with us during the countdown to New Year’s Eve, then you’ll be happy to hear that the Meat & Wine Co Parramatta will also be offering our expertly curated beverage menu.

Don’t waste your time looking up Sydney dinner packages for New Year’s Eve that are more drinks than the dinner itself. Enjoy a full family spread as you anticipate the New Year’s countdown bringing Sydney to vibrant life.

New Year’s Eve Steak House Parramatta

If you’re looking for a steakhouse that’s open on New Year’s Eve in Parramatta, we’re here to let you know that Meat & Wine Co Parramatta is here to deliver the gourmet goods, and then some. Our passionate steak chefs are no strangers to delivering immaculate flavour profiles to accompany Australia’s best cuts of Shorthorn or Wagyu steak, alongside platters of beef or pork ribs, or even meat skewers for those who prefer the unique tastes and textures of meat prepared over smoke and open flames.

Wine and cocktail connoisseurs can also enjoy an expansive selection of beverages to pair with their steak and meat dishes, enhancing the intricate flavours and textures that make the Meat & Wine Co Parramatta such a staple in Sydney’s steakhouse scene. Simply put, there’s no better New Year’s Eve steakhouse venue in Parramatta than Meat & Wine Co.

Place an enquiry today in order to secure your dinner booking this New Year’s Eve at Meat & Wine Co Parramatta.

Zambi Wildlife Foundation Donation

Read about The Meat & Wine Co’s charity partnership with Zambi Wildlife Foundation here.