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The Meat & Wine Co:
The ultimate steakhouse experience

The Meat & Wine Co is a steak restaurant where the dining is Afro-centric, the steaks come from hand-selected farms around Australia, and the wines are as much a highlight on the menu as the meals. Discover your new favourite dish and its perfect wine pairing at any of our lively steak restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide or Perth.

What makes this fine dining steak restaurant unlike any other

The Meat & Wine Co is a deceptively simple name for a uniquely charming and exquisite restaurant. But few words could accurately convey the combination of premium meats, world-class wines, and a commitment to the latest food trends. 

From gate to plate, we know where our meat comes from and how it gets here. We know how they’re raised, because we selected the Australian farmers that would raise them. We even know the farmers, chosen for their ethics and best practices that match our own, all in order to serve exceptional steaks in our restaurants throughout the year. 

Another thing diners won’t find anywhere else in the world – the Meat & Wine Co basting. Made from a 50-year-old secret recipe, this basting is otherworldly, with a propensity for making premium meats sing. 

The wine list is what makes us one of the best restaurants in Melbourne, or Sydney, or Perth. Here, wine does not rate second to food. Here, wine is every bit the hero that our signature Wagyu rib eye is. Our pain-stakingly selected wine list is designed to accompany any meal and please the most discerning of diners. Paired with wait staff who offer expert wine advice, The Meat & Wine Co showcases how we are so much more than a steak restaurant. 

Anyone can delight in the experience that is a meal at The Meat & Wine Co, while our regular guests can enjoy the numerous generous perks of our loyalty program, and our VIP members will dine with their very own personalised steak knife, which is kept on site for use every time they dine. 

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Zambi Wildlife Foundation Donation

Read about The Meat & Wine Co’s charity partnership with Zambi Wildlife Foundation here.