New Year's Eve Restaurant Bella Vista

You don’t have to venture all the way into the Sydney CBD in order to experience a magical New Year’s Eve this year. In fact, for Bella Vista residents looking to spend their New Year’s Eve doing a little something special, The Meat & Wine Co Bella Vista may just be the place to be in the lead-up to midnight.

Nestled in the heart of Bella Vista beside the scenic Strangers Creek and within walking distance to Norwest Station, The Meat & Wine Co Bella Vista offers a premium Afro-centric dinner menu with an emphasis on our in-house dry-aged steaks, perfectly prepared platters of beef and pork ribs, and locally sourced seafood and salads to accompany your plentiful spread. And we’re not called ‘The Meat & Wine Co’, for nothing, with our extensive selection of Australian and South African-made wines, alongside locally sourced beers, spirits, cocktails, and mocktails on offer to pair with one of the best steak dinners to herald in the New Year.

We take pride in the cosy and intimate yet still undeniably electric ambience we’ve created here at The Meat & Wine Co Bella Vista, providing you and your party with a perfect home-style setting to complement all of our hearty dishes.

With our warm and inviting decor, our scintillating atmosphere, and immaculately curated dinner and drinks menus, The Meat & Wine Co Bella Vista is designed to be the perfect venue to enhance your New Year’s Eve experience at the close of 2023. Contact our team at Meat & Wine Co Bella Vista today to secure your booking in time for New Year’s Eve.

New Year’s Eve Dinner Venue In Bella Vista

Whether you’re here for lunch, dinner, or just evening drinks, you can always expect the best service and the most delicious foods and drinks here at The Meat & Wine Co Bella Vista, from our aperitifs to our desserts. And thanks to our extended opening hours for New Year’s Eve, those who are keen to see off 2023 with a bang can feel free to anticipate the countdown to midnight right here at The Meat & Wine Co Bella Vista.

The Meat & Wine Co Bella Vista has a total seating capacity of 200 guests, with 100 seats indoors and an extra 100 outdoors. This means we have plenty of seating space for parties of 10 people or more. Just be sure to place your bookings nice and early to secure yourself a seat at our table for December 31st.

Bella Vista NYE Dinner Packages

There’s more to The Meat & Wine Co in Bella Vista than meets the eye. Our kitchen is always in motion, busy with prepping ingredients and treating our steaks and other premium cuts of meat, to ensure that they’re perfectly handled, cooked, seasoned, and served the way that steak is supposed to be served. We work hard to ensure that you can enjoy a premium fine-dining experience no matter when you dine with us.

And if you’re on the lookout for New Year’s Eve dinner packages in Bella Vista, then you’ll be glad to hear that our steak chefs have been hard at work preparing a specialty menu just to herald in the New Year. Enjoy a lovingly curated, A La Carte menu that includes some seasonal favourite dishes alongside expertly curated beverage menu for those looking to see in the New Year with joie de vivre.

New Year’s Eve Steakhouse Bella Vista

Your search for a steakhouse that’s open on New Year’s Eve in Bella Vista ends right here.

Despite being one of The Meat & Wine Co’s newest locations, our cosy, home-style eatery is already considered to be one of the best chophouses in the vibrant suburb of Norwest. Why? Well, our offerings of steaks grilled to perfection, platters of beef and pork ribs, and immaculately seasoned and presented traditional meat skewers all speak for themselves. We serve up Australia’s best Shorthorn and Wagyu steaks the way they were intended to be experienced, alongside perfect drink pairings to elevate your dining experience even further.

And thanks to our extended opening hours on December 31st, The Meat & Wine Co is the place to be if you’re looking for a New Year’s Eve steakhouse venue in Bella Vista. Contact us today to organise the booking for your party at The Meat & Wine Co Bella Vista in time for New Year’s Eve.

Zambi Wildlife Foundation Donation

Read about The Meat & Wine Co’s charity partnership with Zambi Wildlife Foundation here.