Christmas Party Venues In Parramatta

Have your Christmas dinner with us!

We have it all in Parramatta. Atmosphere, drinks, dinner, lunch. Your Christmas parties will never be the same once your guests sit at our beautiful dining tables surrounded by modern design and soft lighting, treated to some of the most gorgeous, rustic, delicious food on any menu anywhere in New South Wales.

The Meat & Wine Co in Parramatta is dedicated to bringing the comfort of home-away-from-home. Our dining venues are classy and opulent. You and your loved ones will have the most wonderful Christmas experience dining on our selection of perfectly aged meats, and our extensive range of the best Australian wines.

We’ve all been the organiser at least once in our lives. The task usually falls to the person that wants it the least and spells out weeks of googling extensive research, and an overwhelming amount of note-taking, phone calls, and organising things between multiple businesses. Don’t go through all the trouble when you can put in a single call to The Meat & Wine Co and be done with the whole business?

Booking a table at The Meat & Wine Co guarantees several things. Wholesome food, a relaxed ambience, and a very Merry Christmas. Making your booking today to guarantee your spot at one of the best Christmas party venues for hire in Parramatta.

Christmas Packages

The Meat & Wine Co offers a range of Christmas party packages that will keep your guests talking for years. These Christmas Packages include a variety of gorgeous dining options for you and your guests, consisting of beautiful, ethically sourced, all-Australian meats, wines, and cheese.

Our delicious packages are bound to make your Christmas party the most amazing event of the year, providing delicious food, beautiful surroundings, and gorgeous wines.

Book your package now to secure your spot at the most amazing Christmas party venue in Parramatta.

Parramatta Christmas Dinner Venue

Christmas dinner is one of the best things about Christmas. Having everyone you care about around the table, good home-cooked food, and the joy of seeing family and friends you only get to see on occasions like this. The warmth of that atmosphere is simply beautiful and is almost exclusive to Christmas time. The only problem is deciding where to have it. Unless there’s only one large garden or dining room amongst your whole family, then maybe you and yours have a kind of rotating tradition. Uncle Bill might host this year, then Aunty Kelly, and so on and so forth.

But what if you didn’t have to host? What if no one did? What if you booked a table at The Meat & Wine Co?

When you let The Meat & Wine Co handle your Christmas dinner party, you’ll find that our venue offers the finest in food, wine, and elegant but comfortable character. There’s nothing The Meat & Wine Co can’t handle, whether it’s a big family Christmas dinner or a corporate Christmas party, our events are renowned for delicious food, easy booking, decadent cheeses, a large assortment of wines, and some of the most comfortable dining venues around. Book now to secure your table.

Parramatta Corporate Christmas Parties

Work can be a real drag, but for many people, the light at the end of the rainbow is the office Christmas party. However, that means that someone needs to organise the thing, which is a chore in and of itself. Not only do you have to find a venue that can seat all the guests, but you have to make sure that they’re all fed and watered without triggering any kind of allergies or leaving anyone dissatisfied. After all, the food culture in Australia has grown exponentially over the last few years and people are a lot more critical these days than they were 10 years ago. 

Fortunately, your work Christmas party need not be a drag. With The Meat & Wine Co in your corner, you can have it all. An amazing venue decorated with upscale design elements, while remaining comfortable enough to encourage an air of familiarity. Gorgeous meats cooked to absolute perfection. Wines that are guaranteed to have even the most novice palette begging for more. Cheeses that complement every meal with unparalleled precision. Whatever you could possibly want, The Meat & Wine Co can deliver.

Never fear the staff Christmas party again, and let our amazing value-for-money Christmas packages take care of all your office festivity concerns.

Come To The Meat & Wine Co

We guarantee, of all the Christmas party venues in Parramatta, you’ve never seen anything like us. The Meat & Wine Co strives for excellence in everything we do, and it shows. Our venues are the most beautiful yet astoundingly comfortable surroundings of any Christmas party venue you’ll find in our beloved city.

As though we haven’t talked about it enough, our food is bound to get people talking for years to come. Booking your Meat & Wine Co Christmas party will have family, friends, and colleagues talking for years to come. It will forever be remembered as one of the most wonderful, and tastiest events for a long, long time.

If you want to do something different for Christmas this year that won’t break the bank but will spoil your loved ones, or give your co-workers something to talk about around the water cooler for the rest of the year, then come to The Meat & Wine Co, Parramatta’s premium Christmas party venue. We’ve got the food, wine, and atmosphere that pleases crowd after crowd. Be sure to get your booking in early to secure a table at one of the most amazing venues in New South Wales!

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