Christmas Party Venue Hire in Barangaroo

Have your Christmas event with us!

At The Meat & Wine Co, we know that Christmas is an exciting time. It is a time when everything seems joyful, and what better way to celebrate, than with a Christmas lunch or dinner?

Filling up on the best food and wine as you enjoy conversations with friends and family is almost a Christmas tradition. However, this festive period can also come with a degree of stress, which venue will do it all? You need somewhere with an electric atmosphere, beautiful interiors and of course, fantastic food and wine.

This Christmas, look no further than The Meat & Wine Co Barangaroo. Located in the heart of Sydney, we’re here to alleviate any worries you may have and assist you in putting on the best Christmas event you’ve ever had. If this sounds ideal to you, then enquire within, for your best Christmas yet.

Christmas Packages

When you join us at The Meat & Wine Co Barangaroo, we’ll provide you with a number of Christmas packages that would give anybody the holiday spirit.

When you pick our beautiful establishment for which to house your Christmas lunch, we have a two-course option, costing $49 per head, and a three-course option, costing $59 per head. Both of these packages come with a house wine, beer, or soft drink selection, to compliment the delectable favourites that we have selected for your meal. Alternatively, if you’re looking to join us for your Christmas dinner, we have a number of picks for you to choose from. These range from $95 per head all the way to $199 per head, so there truly is something for everyone.

Our menu changes seasonally, as The Meat & Wine Co truly believe in getting you the finest produce available, but one thing is for certain, it will always involve the most tender of meat and a perfectly paired wine to go with it. For more information on our delightful Christmas packages, enquire within and we’ll talk you through them.

Christmas Dinner Restaurant

Christmas certainly is the most festive time of year, but it can also be one of the most stress-inducing. Whether you’re looking for an intimate space that can house your closest friends for a delicious and dirty dish-free Christmas dinner.

Or perhaps a vibrant Christmas dinner venue space that will house your entire workplace team for a more elaborate affair? Well, The Meat & Wine Co Barangaroo can do it all. Positioned in the central business district of bustling Sydney, our Barangaroo restaurant includes five private dining rooms, all of which can comfortably accommodate between 4 and 22 guests. This makes it the perfect spot for a delectable dinner free of the usual worries that a Christmas event can conjure up.

If this sounds like the perfect plan for you and your guests, enquire within and we’ll do the rest.

Christmas Lunch Restaurant

Christmas lunch is one of those delightful events where you get to sit back and enjoy a fantastic meal, so why ruin it with the stress of hosting, or alternatively, landing on a subpar venue? The Meat & Wine Co Barangaroo is the perfect place to house your next Christmas lunch, no matter who it’s with. Be interstate family members, a close huddle of friends, or colleagues, we can do it all.

Our prime location is within walking distance from both Wynyard Station and Barangaroo Wharf, making it the perfect central spot for which to spend your sunny afternoon, basking in the sun and holiday spirit. Not only is our space centrally located but, with its stunning contemporary views and vibrant atmosphere, you’ll truly feel as though you’ve escaped into a utopia, away from the rush of the holidays.

If this sounds as though it suits your next Christmas lunch event, get in touch and let us take the stress off of your shoulders.

Corporate Christmas Parties

Whether you’re planning a tasteful work Christmas dinner or a high-spirited corporate Christmas party, The Meat & Wine Co Barangaroo is here to help.

We understand that planning your corporate Christmas event can be a nerve-wracking endeavour, with so many different elements needing to be perfect. This festive season, save yourself the stress by booking in with us. Not only do we have five private dining rooms, but a private whiskey room for those looking to have a tasteful celebration with some of the finest tipples available. Alternatively, for a more relaxed evening, we have televisions on offer, so you can showcase some of the best moments of the year within your workplace. And, with a total venue capacity of 300, we’re able to take on even the largest of events.

Enquire within for an office Christmas party you’re sure to be talking about for years to come.

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