What makes a steak perfect? Here’s our guide

There’s nothing quite like the first bite of a perfect steak.

Crispy and tender at the same time, juicy and flavourful, hot and filling – it’s an unbeatable meal, and easily top pick for any first visit to your local Meat & Wine Co.

So what is it that makes a steak so perfect? Whether you’re making your own at home or eating out at the best steak restaurant in Sydney (hello, that’s us!), here are the three main elements you need for a mouth-watering steak.

Start with premium beef

As the saying goes, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. While any steak can be improved with great preparation and cooking, only the best steak cuts can create the perfect steak.

Start with the best steak cut you can find – for us, this is our exclusive line of Monte Beef, which is designed and monitored to ensure we only serve top-grade meat. Each steak must have an even thickness to ensure the same level throughout the cut when cooking, and each cut should be at least 20mm thick.

Be precise in preparation

Cooking doesn’t start when the cut hits the pan – it begins with the preparation.

Firstly, pull the steak out of the fridge an hour or two before cooking to bring it up to room temperature. This ensures that a cold centre won’t cause uneven cooking. Next, pat the steak down with a clean paper towel to remove excess moisture, which will help ensure a nice crisp crust.

While you can certainly add your own seasoning or rub to the steak, the only real essentials here are a little salt and pepper to bring out the meat’s natural flavours. As for olive oil or other fats, a good cut of meat shouldn’t need anything extra to help it sizzle and brown, but you can add a little (to the meat, not the pan) if you believe the cut is on the lean side.

Finally, heat the pan before you add the meat. Your steak should sizzle with heat the second it makes contact.

The perfect steak cooking technique

Cooking the steak will largely depend on how you prefer your meal. The standard is to aim for medium rare, or perhaps medium, and the length of cooking time will depend on the thickness of the cut.

As a rule of thumb, a medium-rare steak will only take a couple of minutes to cook on each side. Push on the steak gently to see if it’s ready – look for a little juice and a soft, slightly springy consistency. If you prefer medium, aim for almost no juice and a slightly firm texture. Note that this step will likely take a few practice runs to perfect!

Do not press down on the meat as it cooks, or flip it over multiple times, but do give the steak a few minutes to rest before serving.

Whether you’d prefer a professional to cook and serve that perfectly cooked steak (and do the dishes), or you simply want a night off from being your own chef, visit The Meat & Wine Co for one of the best steaks of your life. We’ve got the best steak in Sydney, the best steak in Melbourne – really just the best steak anywhere we have a restaurant!

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