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What are the best cuts of dry aged steak?

Dry aged steak is a unique and exceptional dish, and one that takes a significant amount of preparation and skill to create using specialised equipment. With so much time, investment, and care, it’s no wonder that dry ageing can produce unbelievable tender and rich dishes, but it also depends on the actual meat itself.

The Meat & Wine Co has long been a trusted and beloved steakhouse in Australia, and now known for our dry aged meat. Our beef selection has always been ‘a cut above’, which is why we have retained our precipitously high standards when it comes to choosing the best types of beef, and the very best steak cuts, for our AGED dining experience.

Premium beef for the best dry aged steak

The Meat & Wine Co serves three types of beef in our restaurants; an exclusive line, an Australian favourite, and an internationally renowned cattle.

Monte Beef

As a premium steakhouse with Afro-centric meals, we set ourselves apart for many reasons, one of them being our exclusive line of grass-fed Monte beef. This beef is sourced from Australian farms and delivered to our restaurants, allowing us to strictly control the quality of the beef at every step of the process, resulting in beef cuts that are more nutritious with fewer calories, but also more tender and flavourful as well.

Shorthorn Beef

Shorthorn Beef is well known and loved throughout Australia. It is one of the most commonly farmed breeds of cattle in the country, all due to its incredibly high steak quality, and consistently tender, juicy cuts. It is also a very well marbled beef, adding extra flavour and tenderness to every bite.

Wagyu Beef

Wagyu Beef almost needs no introduction. This famed Japanese cattle breed is a beloved amongst steak lovers around the world for its intense level of marbling that runs through every steak, drastically increasing its tenderness and taste. At The Meat & Wine Co, every wagyu steak has a marbling score of 6+, ensuring high quality in every plate.

The best cuts for dry aged steak

The Meat & Wine Co offers a select range of the very best steak cuts from our Monte, Shorthorn, and Wagyu beef. These include ribeye, rump, fillet, and rump eye.


Ribeye is one of the most popular cuts of meat available, loved for its tenderness, flavour, and marbling. It comes from the second half of a cow’s ribs in an area that sees little physical use, which is why it is such a tender and marbled steak.


The rump is a cut from just behind the ribs, making it an extremely tender steak, and one that is especially flavourful and ‘beefy’. Combined with the dry ageing process, which amplifies the beefy flavours in the steak, a dry aged rump cut is especially flavourful.


The fillet cut is one that combines extreme tenderness with a more subtle flavour. It is therefore an excellent option for those new to the dry aged steak experience who may wish to begin with a slightly less ‘beefy’ taste.

Rump eye

The rump eye is the most tender part of the rump, and delivers a classic beefy flavour. This is a popular cut as a normal steak, yet the dry ageing process further enhances the delicate tenderness of this cut and the classic steak taste profile.

The Meat & Wine Co is currently serving a dry aged, grass-fed Monte rib eye, and will introduce new cuts over the coming months. Make a booking online now for your premium dry aged dining experience.

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