Treat your staff to the perfect Office Christmas Party with Meat & Wine Co’s newest dining experience: AGED

A special time of year, and a very special reason to celebrate, call for an even more special dining experience.

This year, make your booking at Meat & Wine Co for an extra memorable office Christmas party, where your employees and colleagues can enjoy the rare opportunity to discover expertly dry aged steak at a premium Australian steakhouse.

The AGED experience

Dry aged steak is a premium dining experience, new to The Meat & Wine Co with AGED.

Like a fine wine, our skilled chefs have spent months ageing premium cuts of steak, using specialised equipment and advanced culinary knowledge to produce a meat library filled with steaks that are more tender and flavourful than anything you would find at a standard steakhouse.

Our current specialty dish is our 120-day aged, grass-fed monte beef, which has been prepared with an exquisite black garlic-infused Wagyu butter, adding a subtle indulgent infusion of flavour.

It is the perfect way to celebrate a year of hard work under extraordinarily trying times, and a wonderful way to thank the team for their dedication.

Please note that the AGED premium dining experience is currently only available at our Barangaroo restaurant and Parramatta restaurant and Perth restaurant.

More than just dry aged steak

The Meat & Wine Co has long been a premium dining destination, with a carefully curated wine list, an upscale cocktail menu, countless beers and ciders, and a full complement of seafood, vegetarian dishes, and other meat options. For those uninterested in a dry aged steak, they’ll have the opportunity to try our new menu, which includes dishes such as Scallop Crudo, Szechuan Calamari, Charred Broccolini Salad, Truffle Mac & Cheese and the must-try Boozy Banoffee Pie.

“This menu was an eighteen month process, and it took us three menu changes to get it done. I worked very closely with our local suppliers to source the freshest ingredients, from which to create these exceptional dishes.” – Thomas Godfrey, Senior Head Chef.

We offer a dynamic dining experience that leans heavily on Australian cuisine, and infuses African heritage into our menus and restaurant culture, for an esteemed and memorable meal in a beautiful location no matter where you are in the country.

For our staff party packages, we offer set menus to help streamline the planning and preparations for a stress-free Christmas event that everyone can enjoy. Keep in mind, there are multiple options for set menus, depending on your preferences and budget, and we can cater to groups of up to 12 on our a la carte menu.

Private and semi-private dining spaces

The Meat & Wine Co can be found throughout Australia, and many of our locations offer private dining rooms and semi-private dining spaces that can be reserved for Christmas functions.

This allows you and your workplace to enjoy a little more room and peace away from other diners, where you can add your own personal touches to the space, and even use the dining area for speeches or awards if needed. If you prefer a private room for your function, be sure to tick the box on the enquiry form and let us know if you have any special requests.

If you’ve been stuck for a Christmas party work idea, The Meat & Wine Co has you covered with a premium dining experience unlike any other. Send in your enquiry about a Christmas lunch or dinner with us this year, and start counting down the sleeps until one of the best meals and events of your career.

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