The best wines to pair with dry-aged steak

The best wines to pair with dry-aged steak

The AGED Programme at The Meat & Wine Co is an exquisite dry-aged steak offering and one that brings this special culinary experience to diners all over Australia. 

Our chefs curate premium dry-aged beef, using an exclusive process that infuses each cut with additional flavour on top of the exceptional tenderness of the steak. This is a unique dining experience, and there’s just one thing that can amplify the meal one step further – an excellently paired wine. 

Consider one of these fine ones to pair with your dry-aged ribeye at The Meat & Wine Co. 

Vietti ‘Perbacco’ Nebbiolo

The Vietti ‘Perbacco’ Nebbiolo is one of the most premium wines on the menu at The Meat & Wine Co, and one of the best matches for our premium dry-aged steak. 

This is a rich, intense wine with notes of truffle that mirror the truffle infusion in our current AGED programme. It also offers hints of cherry, tar, and plum, keeping pace with the rich flavour profiles in the beef. It’s a wine that pairs well with any red meat, but dry-aged meat in particular. 

The best wines to pair with dry-aged steak

Heathcote Estate Shiraz 

The Heathcote Estate Shiraz is a dry, full-bodied drop that beautifully complements the rich beefiness found in our dry-aged steak. 

It offers its own intense fruity flavours, with layers of red berries and floral notes, all tied together with ripe tannins that balance the richness in the steak. With just a hint of oakiness throughout the wine, this shiraz is an easy match for your meal. 

Jim Barry ‘Single Vineyard’ Cabernet Malbec 

If you’re looking for a red wine by the glass to pair with your dry-aged steak, the Jim Barry ‘Single Vineyard’ Cabernet Malbec is a great pick. 

From the 2020 Halliday Winery of the Year, this Clare Valley creation is a popular choice for any steak dish at The Meat & Wine Co. 

This is a rich and powerful vino, overflowing with dark berry notes and tannins. It is full-bodied and more than capable of matching the deep flavours of a dry-aged steak. 

The best wines to pair with dry-aged steak

Boekenhoutskloof ‘Chocolate Block’ blend

The now-famous ‘Chocolate Block’ red blend from South Africa’s Boekenhoutskloof Winery is renowned around the world for its rich, decadent flavour profile. 

The 2019 vintage is mostly shiraz, but also contains grenache, cinsault, cabernet sauvignon, and viognier. The result is something truly special, with a richness and flavour that deserves to sit next to an exquisite dry-aged steak. 

It is complex and full-bodied, entertaining flavours such as prune, blackberry, spice, and chocolate. It’s something a little different, just like our dry-aged meat, and well worth treating yourself to. 

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The Meat & Wine Co is a wine restaurant just as much as it is a steak restaurant. Our extensive wine list and knowledgeable, helpful staff can guide you towards the perfect wine pairing for your dry-aged steak. 

Make your booking to experience an exceptional meal at The Meat & Wine Co today. 

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