Looking for food in Parramatta? The Meat & Wine Co. has you covered

Parramatta has quickly come into its own, with a vibrant commercial centre teeming with exciting and enticing cafes, bars, and restaurants.

And at the heart of it all lies The Meat & Wine Co on Church Street.

You’ll find us overlooking the Parramatta River, where our interiors are tastefully appointed, our décor is stylish and fresh, and the exceptional meals are giving us the reputation of being some of the best food in Parramatta.

Here’s what you can expect from a meal at The Meat & Wine Co.

Our most popular dishes

Our signature meal at The Meat & Wine Co isn’t so much a single dish as a single ingredient – our beef. We are, after all, a steakhouse.

Our exclusive line of premium Monte Beef is sourced solely for The Meat & Wine Co, and creates steaks that are regularly regarded as some of the best cuts in the world. By sourcing our own Monte Beef, we can monitor your meal from farm to table to ensure the highest quality dish possible.

You’ll find ample opportunities to try the Monte Beef exactly the way you like it, from grass fed to grain fed, rib-eye to rump, and even seriously special wagyu cuts. We grill our steaks to your liking in our unique basting, and serve with a salad or fries.

Of course, there’s more to the best food in Parramatta than just great steak.

Other favourite menu items include our slow-roasted lamb shank, an eggplant lasagna that’s good enough to tempt the carnivores amongst your group, a marinated chicken breast, and our premium beef burger.

And if you’re looking for a Parramatta lunch special, you’ll find it here from Monday to Saturday, where you can enjoy two courses for just $42, or try the full experience of three courses for $49.

Premium drinks to match

When considering Parramatta restaurants on the river, don’t forget to take a look at the drinks menu – it should be every bit as diverse and exceptional as the meals.

At The Meat & Wine Co, it’s right there in the name.

The selection of full-bodied red wines is curated specifically for our hearty steak dishes, but the wine list includes vinos for every dish and taste.

Our hand-selected varieties are sourced from around Australia and the world, with a number originating from South Africa, much like many of the flavours you’ll find in our food menus.

As well as the wine menu, we also offer a lengthy beverages menu. This ensures that no matter the occasion, you’ll have a tasty drink to pair with your meal or snacks.

Try a refreshing cocktail, perfectly chilled beer, or a cider that’s neither too sweet nor too dry.

Or, you could simply try a flight experience, which includes a variety of our best whiskeys and cognacs.

Whether you’re looking for dinner or lunch in Parramatta, we have the food, drinks, and stylish ambiance to welcome you in for an unforgettable meal that perfectly satisfies the taste buds and that rumble in your belly.

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