Parramatta Venue Hire for Birthday Parties

Hosting a birthday party in Western Sydney? At The Meat & Wine Co Parramatta, we offer a range of private dining and venue hire options so you can celebrate your birthday with great food and good company.

Perhaps you’re looking at small venue hire in Parramatta to host an intimate gathering for your next birthday. Or maybe you’re search for a spacious Parramatta venue to host a lavish birthday bash. Whatever the case may be, our team is on hand to help bring your vision to life.

The Meat & Wine Co Parramatta: Party hire Western Sydney

Located in Meriton Suites Church St – Western Sydney’s tallest building – The Meat & Wine Co Parramatta sits at the edge of the Parramatta River and offers beautiful views over the water. The specially-designed wooden abacus wall and contemporary stylings make this a perfect spot for birthday venue hire in Western Sydney.

  • 3 private dining rooms, each seating 12 guests
  • Ability to join the private dining rooms to sit 24 or 36 guests
  • Semi private dining room seating 50 guests
  • Walking distance to Parramatta train station and ferry wharf
  • Total capacity: 200

Small Venue Hire Parramatta

Planning a birthday celebration with your nearest and dearest? At The Meat & Wine Co Parramatta, our four private dining rooms offer a stylish and intimate setting for smaller birthday parties. Invite up to 12 guests to celebrate with you over a carefully curated menu featuring fresh entrees, cutting-edge main dishes and delectable desserts, as well as a hand-picked selection of wine and drinks.

Celebrate your next birthday with an unforgettable private dining experience at The Meat & Wine Co Parramatta.

21st Birthday Venues in Parramatta

Turning 21 happens just once a lifetime, which is why the team at The Meat & Wine Co Parramatta is dedicated to making every 21st party we host a special one! With intimate private dining areas and full venue hire available, we can cater to 21st birthday parties of all sizes and provide AV set-ups for speeches and slideshows as needed.

Planning an upcoming 21st birthday party in Western Sydney? Get in touch to enquire about booking a private event space at The Meat & Wine Co Parramatta.

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If you’re based in Western Sydney with a loved one’s birthday fast approaching and need help determining where to take them for their special day, we have the perfect solution. The Meat & Wine Co is the finest steak restaurant in Parramatta, and we go above and beyond to ensure our birthday celebrations leave you, and your party satisfied. From divine aged steak with a succulent taste and finish to attentive service that meets your every need, we are dedicated to hosting birthday dinners, lunches and celebrations beyond any regular shindig. Whether you choose to hire a private dining room or sit in our Afrocentric-themed restaurant, you will be met with great service and a truly memorable experience. You can enquire about larger group booking and private dining reservations or book or enquiry on our website, and we will get back to you to deliver a fantastic service.

Planning a birthday lunch for a beloved recipient in Sydney can be stressful, but with The Meat & Wine Co situated within walking distance of Parramatta train station, you have an excellent option that is sure to make their birthday lunch one to remember. 

We have birthday settings for a range of parties; whether you have a small intimate group of under 12 people and would like your own unique curated menu or would like to be sat in the action of our main restaurant, we will commit to whichever you prefer.

No matter your setting, you can be confident that your experience will be matched with excellent cuisine, from our a la carte menu bursting with different cuts of steak, vegetarian options and fish to our wine menu, which explores all the options you could desire. There is a reason we are the best steak restaurant in Parramatta, and we will deliver on our promise every time!

Birthday dinners should be special times between loved ones, focusing on your birthday recipient. We all go about birthdays differently; some love to be the centre of attention, whilst others prefer to blend into the crowd and have a relaxing day with little recognition.

Whichever type of birthday recipient your loved one is, we have got you covered. Our intimate dining rooms provide AV setups, ready for speeches and funny slideshows. On the other hand, we have great seating options throughout our restaurant, providing your recipient with a more casual way to celebrate with a birthday dinner. 

The star of the show (other than the birthday recipient) is our food, with our aged steaks being one of the greatest options for the ultimate birthday dinner. Of course, we have options for vegetarians and other dietary requirements to ensure your entire party is satisfied.

If your friend or family member doesn’t like loud, busy places but still wants to go out to celebrate their birthday, you may struggle to find a suitable option. Thankfully, The Meat & Wine Co have splendid options for private birthday rooms to ensure only those on the guest list can be at your party!

Aside from having your own private space to celebrate your loved one’s birthday in style, our private rooms allow you to select a curated menu. This option is available with parties of 12 people and under, complete with fresh entrees, main dishes, desserts, and a hand-picked selection of wine and drinks.

If your party has more than 12 attendees, you can make a booking for a larger group in one of our private dining areas. With this booking, you can choose delicious options from our a la carte, aged steak and wine menu for a birthday feast fit for royalty.

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