Why Christmas lunch in Perth is merrier at The Meat and Wine Co

Christmas lunch in Perth is a delicious, enjoyable affair that leaves everyone feeling a little like their clothes have shrunk slightly, and a lot like it’s time for an afternoon nap.

It’s a time for celebrating the season and the end of the year with loved ones, and that means great food, flowing drinks, and a very merry atmosphere.

You’ll find it all with our fantastic offer on Christmas lunch in Perth 2019. Here’s a little more about why it’s so much merrier when you dine at The Meat & Wine Co this silly season!

A very merry menu

Great food, of course, is not the reason for the season, but it is a major perk.

Come Christmas day, we will be offering two- and three-course set Christmas lunch menus. These menus are $49 and $59 per person respectively, and include some of our most popular dishes.

If you’d rather join us for lunch, we have set dinner menus for the occasion as well.

Expert chefs

The Meat & Wine Co is a mecca of modern cuisine, where much of the food is paddock-to-plate, and everything on the menu is of utmost quality.

But at the heart of it all is our people. Our team of expert chefs are the well-oiled engine behind it all, and their years of training and experience, combined with their passion for crafting exceptional meals, make for an absolutely delicious Christmas lunch for all who dine at The Meat & Wine Co.

Enjoy a tipple or two

If you can’t unwind at Christmas lunch, when can you?

And what better place to do it than The Meat & Wine Co, where our dedication to excellent drops is right there in the name.

Our set menu comes with a house wine or beer, but you are more than welcome to explore our full selection of beers and wines. Our wine selection is vast, and includes an array of hand-picked vintages. If you’re unsure about which wines will pair best with your meal, don’t hesitate to ask our friendly waitstaff for a recommendation.

Soak in the atmosphere

The Meat & Wine Co has seven premium locations around Australia, and our Perth location is certainly one of the most magical.

The Old Palace Hotel was built in 1897 during the gold rush in Western Australia, and is now home to more than a century of history. We are proud to highlight the historic features of the building, and to add a few festive touches of our own to celebrate the season.

Come Christmas Day, the historic building we call home will be alive with the sounds of merry chatter, the smells of decadent food, and the sight of cheery fellow diners enjoying the day together.

Make your booking to join us for Christmas lunch in Perth as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. And if you’re still wondering about the best Christmas lunch in Perth restaurants, feel free to get in touch and we will happily answer any queries you have.

See you soon, and Merry Christmas!

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