The Meat & Wine Co presents ‘The Perfect Match’: Black Diamond Beef, Yalumba & Wirra Wirra Wines

For a limited time only, The Meat & Wine Co is offering an exclusive steak and wine pairing at each of our eight locations across Australia. Experience Australia’s finest Black Diamond Beef sourced from top MSA graded cattle producers and premium Yalumba and Wirra Wirra wines from the world-renowned Barrosa Valley and McLaren Vale wine regions.

The Perfect Match

Wine selection:

2014 Yalumba ‘The Signature’ Cabernet Shiraz
Barossa Valley, SA
Glass only $25

2016 Wirra Wirra ‘RSW’ Shiraz
McLaren Vale, SA Glass only $30

Steak and wine pairings:

Please select your choice of cut and preferred glass of Yalumba.

All cuts served with your choice of chips or salad.

Black Diamond Rib-Eye on the Bone (MB 4+)
Including preferred glass of Yalumba or Wirra Wirra 500g | $79 (RRP $110)

Black Diamond Fillet (MB 4+)
Including preferred glass of Yalumba or Wirra Wirra 300g | $79 (RRP $110)

About Black Diamond Beef

Raised on pastures, finished on deluxe grain feed and sourced from Australia’s finest MSA graded cattle producers, Black Diamond Beef is an exclusive industry supplier that delivers super premium cuts of steak. 

This line is brand new to the market and only available in very select restaurants throughout the country. Sample some of the best steak in Australia with a 400g Black Diamond Rib-Eye on the Bone or a Black Diamond Fillet at The Meat & Wine Co.

About Yalumba Wines

Australia’s most iconic family-owned winery, Yalumba spans five generations and 170 years of winemaking history. During that time, Yalumba has earned a reputation for producing some of the best wines in the Barossa region and the world. 

Yalumba is the only winery in the southern hemisphere to have its own cooperage. The oak chosen in crafting the barrels adds flavour, aroma and complexity to the wines and gives Yalumba its signature character.

As part of ‘The Perfect Match’, guests of The Meat & Wine Co can enjoy Yalumba’s 2014 ‘The Signature’ Cabernet Shiraz, a vibrant red with aromas of dark fruit, spice and a full-bodied palate that is long and deeply flavoured.

About Wirra Wirra Wines

Established in 1894 by well-known South Australian local Robert Strangways Wigley, Wirra Wirra wines is today a stalwart of the McLaren Vale region. Managing director Andrew Kay and the winemaking team of Paul Smith and Tom Ravech live by the ethos of ‘letting the fruit shine’ with bright and lively wines that look great in the glass. 

At Wirra Wirra, exceptional vines and winemaking expertise come together to produce wines of exemplary character, quality and finish. The 2016 Wirra Wirra ‘RSW’ Shiraz is no exception, boasting a dense, rich core of black plums, sweet, ripe blueberries and dark forest fruits infused with the polished cedar of French oak. Try it as part of ‘The Perfect Match’ meat and wine pairing at The Meat & Wine Co.

Try some of Australia’s most exceptional steak and wine together in ‘The Perfect Match’. Book a table at The Meat & Wine Co.

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