The Meat & Wine Co, Hawthorn East

Look no further than the Meat & Wine Co if you are hungry in Camberwell

If you’ve never been to The Meat & Wine Co before, you’d never know that one of the best restaurants in Camberwell has been right under your nose.

With exceptional cuisine across the board, and meat dishes you won’t soon forget, The Meat & Wine Co in Camberwell is a point of pride for our entire team. For those new to the area, don’t forget that the suburbs of Camberwell and Hawthorn are right next door to each other, so we also think we’re one of the best Hawthorn restaurants as well!

Here’s a little more about our unmissable Camberwell location.

The venue

We always aim to find interesting buildings for our Meat & Wine Co locations, and this spot is no exception, as you don’t often find Camberwell restaurants in such stunning spots.

You’ll find our venue within a heritage-listed bank site, which gives it a beautiful charm that you simply can’t find in modern buildings. It’s right on the corner of Camberwell Junction, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a meal to start your evening.

Inside, the open kitchen adds a touch of entertainment to your evening, and the PUZA Lounge offers an idyllic and welcoming area if you’re looking for more of a casual cocktail (or two).

The menu

Our menu is at the heart of everything we do. It’s the reason why meat and wine are in our very name, and it’s what we have always strived to keep improving in any way we can.

We only use top-graded beef, and we don’t think we’re being too boastful by saying that our exclusive line of Monte Beef creates some of the best steaks in the world (you’ll understand when you try it!). Our seafood is fresh, our ribs are slow-cooked, and our salads are nothing to be sniffed at. And that’s not even mentioning our carefully curated cocktails list, desserts, or our ‘liquid desserts’.

It’s one of those menus that will have you scratching your head trying to pick between several different dishes, and one that will keep you coming back for more.

Annual events

At The Meat & Wine Co, we love to celebrate, and we do it often – and well.

Every Christmas, every Valentine’s Day, every Melbourne’s Cup, you can guarantee we’ll be here setting up our decorations and putting on a party (or a romantic dinner) fit for the occasion.

Plus, if you have an annual event of your own to celebrate, give us a call. We host regular functions in Camberwell such as weddings and birthdays with private rooms and set zones, tailored menus, and custom service for your needs.

We push the boat out at every one of our restaurants every year, so if you’re looking for restaurants in Hawthorn where you can celebrate, be sure to nab a booking to join us.

The Meat & Wine Co family

We could hardly mention our fantastic food, venues, and atmosphere without giving credit where it’s due – to our wonderful Camberwell family.

They’re the ones behind every licked-clean plate, every perfectly poured cocktail, and every successful event. We consider our people to be our greatest asset, and whenever you dine with us, you’ll see our staff genuinely enjoying their jobs, too. It truly is what makes us one of the best restaurants in Hawthorn.

So next time you’re feeling peckish, or thirsty, or absolutely ravenous, make a beeline for the best restaurant in Camberwell, right here at The Meat & Wine Co.

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