How to find the best steak in Sydney

How to find the best steak in Sydney

What does it mean to serve the best steak in Sydney? Well, of course everybody has their own taste when it comes to meat, but there are a few unbreakable standards on how to serve the perfect steak that we abide by at The Meat & Wine Co. Whether you’re looking to buy steak to cook at home or if you’re seeking the best steak restaurant out there, or steak to pair with wine, there are several factors to consider when searching for the best steak in Sydney.

Know the difference between grass fed and grain fed beef

As you might assume, grass fed beef refers to a cow’s diet whilst living in the pasture. However, you may not assume that because of this, the nutritional composition in the cow’s body – and the final flavour of the beef – will be affected by the seasons and the quality of the pasture. Grass fed beef typically has a more full-bodied flavour than grain fed beef, and also has less total fat, more omega 3 fatty acids, and more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) – which means it could also better for your heart.

On the other hand, grain fed beef still means that the cattle are fed on a grass diet from the pastures, however they are also fed mixtures of grains. The more balanced diet allows the farmers to influence the beef’s final flavour based on the ratio of grass and grains in the cattle’s diet. Grain fed beef generally has more fat than grass fed beef, giving it a more rich and buttery flavour, and a ‘melt in your mouth’ texture.

Opt for steak cuts known for texture and flavour

Taking a bite of your much-anticipated steak and realising it’s too chewy or dry is anything but a pleasant experience. The ideal steak should be moist, but far from soggy or sticky. The cut of beef you choose will have a big effect on the texture and flavour of your steak. There are plenty of beef cuts out there, including T-bone and tomahawk steak, but the best steak in Sydney will typically come from one of these cuts:

  • Rib-eye: As the name suggests, rib-eye beef is the part of the cow right next to the ribs, and is cut straight from the centre of the rib. Rib-eye meat has an extra layer of fat that gives the beef a rich and juicy flavour, and this cut of beef is also incredibly tender.
  • Rump: Rump steak is taken from the lower back of the cow, and is a full-flavoured and lean cut. Rump generally has a firmer texture than fillet and rib-eye cuts, but it has the most robust flavour.
  • Fillet/tenderloin: Fillet comes from the lower middle back of the cow and is the most tender of all the beef cuts, because the muscles in this part of the cow don’t do as much work as the other muscles do in other cuts.
  • New York/Sirloin/Porterhouse: The New York cut is sourced from the upper middle of the cow, and is lean, rich in flavour, and juicy. Like the fillet, this part of the cow doesn’t do as much work, so the meat is typically very tender and well-marbled.

Choose a thicker cut of steak for more moisture

When it comes to cooking steak, thicker is better. We believe the perfect steak in Sydney is seared outside and rare in the center, which is a lot more achievable with thicker steaks. The very best steak restaurants in Sydney will serve beef cuts that are of even thickness throughout. An even distribution of meat will cook more evenly and provide a more consistent texture. This is due to heat penetrating the center of the steak when you sear its surface. With thin steaks, this heat has to travel less to reach the center, which makes them easier to overcook.

At The Meat & Wine Co Sydney, we offer a variety of cuts sourced from our exclusive line of Monte Beef, as well as a perfectly marbled wagyu rib-eye and wagyu rump. Our cuts of beef are closely monitored for quality, so you can enjoy the best steak in Sydney every time.

Consider steaks with a higher marble score

Marbling is the distribution of fat throughout the steak. While this may sound undesirable, some of the best beef steak in the world, such as wagyu and Kobe beef, has a very high degree of healthy fat throughout. The finer the streaks of marbling throughout the steak, the better; too much fat, unevenly spread, can result in a greasy and heavy mouthful, rather than the mouth-watering bite we desire.

Using a universal grading system called a marble score (MBS), beef is ranked on the amount of fat and the distribution and consistency of fat. Ranging from 0 to 9+, the higher the score, the more rich the flavour. For example, beef with a marble score of MB2+ will have a tender texture and juicy flavour. Whereas beef with a score of MB6+ will be an absolute joy for your tastebuds.  At The Meat & Wine Co, we closely monitor our exclusive line of premium grade Monte beef to ensure the quality is superior from paddock to plate. Our menu offers grass and grain fed beef, as well as a robust dry aged rib-eye on the bone, and exquisite MB6+ wagyu rib-eye and rump steaks.

The reason that we feel so confident in advising you on finding the best steak in Sydney is simple: we love our steak. At The Meat & Wine Co, we pride ourselves on serving only the finest food made with the freshest ingredients. If you are keen to learn more about what makes a great steak – and how to cook one masterfully – pay us a visit at our Sydney CBD, Barangaroo, Bella Vista or Parramatta and we’d love to talk you through the process.

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