How to find the best steak in Perth

How to find the best steak in Perth

Perth has an abundance of steakhouses and steak restaurants but, as any discerning foodie knows, finding a steak and finding good steak are two very different things.

Although the humble steak can seem deceptively easy to cook, the art of an amazing steak starts long before the beef hits the pan. The source of the beef, the cut, the basting and seasoning, and the way the chefs grill the beef all play important roles in creating the final dish: a tender and juicy steak that’s filled with flavour.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a steak at one of the cool restaurants in Perth, or you’re searching for a fine dining restaurant for a special occasion, these tips will help you find the best steak restaurant this city has to offer.

See what types of beef are on the menu

If you want to create a masterpiece, you have to first have the right canvas, and the same goes for steak.  You may have come across terms like grass fed, grain fed, marble score, and dry aged – these all contribute to the nutritional composition of the beef, and are a big part of what gives a steak its flavour and texture.

So what do these really mean and how do they affect your steak?

  • Grass/pasture fed beef: this means the cattle have spent their entire life grazing on grass in pastures. Because of this, the nutritional composition in the cow’s body – and the final flavour of the beef – will be affected by the seasons and the quality of the pasture. Grass fed beef typically has a more full-bodied flavour than grain fed beef, and also has less total fat, more omega 3 fatty acids, and more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) – which means it could also better for your heart.
  • Grain fed beef: for grain fed beef, the cattle are still fed a diet of grass from pastures, but they also spend a portion of their lives on a diet with a mixture of grains and grass. This means they have a more balanced diet, giving the beef a more consistent quality, and beef farmers can also influence the final flavour of the beef based on the ratio of grass and grains in the cattle’s diet. Grain fed beef generally has more fat than grass fed beef, giving it a more rich and buttery flavour, and a ‘melt in your mouth’ texture.
  • Marble score (MBS): the marble score is a grading system that’s universally used to describe the amount of fat and the  distribution and consistency of fat in wagyu beef. The scores range from 0 to 9+: the higher the score, the more rich the flavour.
  • Dry aged beef: this refers to the way beef cuts are stored. Dry aged beef is stored at near-freezing temperatures to ‘dry out’ the moisture from the beef, and break down certain tissues in the muscle. The process of dry aging can take up anywhere from two weeks to 120 days, and beef that is dry aged is generally more flavourful and tender.

Is grass or grain fed beef better? In the end, one isn’t better than the other. It’s all about preference, and the best steak restaurant will generally offer both varieties.

What’s a good marble score? Beef with a marble score with MB2+ will have a juicy flavour and tender texture, and beef with a marble score of MB6+ is a positively divine experience for your tastebuds. Wagyu beef with a score of MB7+ is incredibly rare, and can sell for thousands of dollars per steak.

The best steak restaurant will put careful consideration into the source of their beef. At The Meat & Wine Co, we use an exclusive line of premium grade Monte beef, which is closely monitored for quality from paddock to plate. Our menu offers grass and grain fed beef, as well as a robust dry aged rib-eye on the bone, and exquisite MB6+ wagyu rib-eye and rump steaks.

Look at the different beef cuts

The cut of beef you choose will also have a big effect on the texture and flavour of your steak. There are plenty of beef cuts out there, including T-bone and tomahawk steak, but the best steak in Perth will typically come from one of these cuts:

  • Rib-eye: As the name suggests, rib-eye beef is the part of the cow right next to the ribs, and is cut straight from the centre of the rib. Rib-eye meat has an extra layer of fat that gives the beef a rich and juicy flavour, and this cut of beef is also incredibly tender.
  • Rump: Rump steak is taken from the lower back of the cow, and is a full-flavoured and lean cut. Rump generally has a firmer texture than fillet and rib-eye cuts, but it has the most robust flavour.
  • Fillet/tenderloin: Fillet comes from the lower middle back of the cow and is the most tender of all the beef cuts, because the muscles in this part of the cow don’t do as much work as the other muscles do in other cuts.
  • New York/Sirloin/Porterhouse: The New York cut is sourced from the upper middle of the cow, and is lean, rich in flavour, and juicy. Like the fillet, this part of the cow doesn’t do as much work, so the meat is typically very tender and well-marbled.

At The Meat & Wine Co, we offer all of these cuts sourced from our exclusive line of Monte Beef, as well as a perfectly marbled wagyu rib-eye and wagyu rump. Our cuts of beef are closely monitored for quality, so you can enjoy the best steak in Perth every time.

Don’t forget about the basting and seasoning

Basting is a cooking technique that adds flavour, and helps beef retain its moisture while on the grill. Basting can be made up of cooking juices, butter, marinades, and/or sauces, and is essential to give a steak its juicy texture. The way a chef seasons the steak also plays a big part in cooking a steak to perfection: while you can add salt and pepper to taste, the combination of herbs and spices a chef uses can help give a steak a unique final flavour..

South Africa is home to The Grillhouse, one of the best steak restaurants in the world, so it’s no surprise that this region’s basting and seasoning is second to none. At our Perth restaurant, we use our signature African-inspired basting and seasoning for a succulent and flavourful steak that will delight your taste buds.

Take a look at the restaurant’s wine list

Fine dining in Perth is as much about good wine as it is about good food. The best steak in Perth deserves to be paired with the best red wine, which is why a restaurant’s wine list is just as important as it’s food menu.

Find out about: what wine pairs with beef steak?

The choice of wine is as unique to every person as the way a steak is cooked, and the best restaurants offer a variety of wines to suit every palate, whether it’s a full-bodied cabernet sauvignon or a fruity shiraz. A restaurant’s wine list should include premium wines from the finest local vineyards (including the Barossa Valley, Yarra Valley, and Margaret River), as well as wines from world-renowned regions in Europe and Africa.

At The Meat & Wine Co, in Perth, our sommeliers have hand-picked the best wine to complement our steak menu. Our extensive range includes a selection of reds from Australia and New Zealand, as well as rare and vintage bottles from Australia’s best wineries, such as Penfolds and Rockford. Plus, at our Perth restaurant, we also offer a unique wine tasting experience, with a curated selection of South Africa’s best winegrowers in the Stellenbosch region.

We take steak seriously at The Meat & Wine Co and we truly believe that, with our exclusive line of Monte beef and our talented chefs,  we offer an unparalleled dining experience in Perth when it comes to steaks and grilled meats.

If you’re ready to treat your tastebuds to the best steak in Perth, or the best ribs in Perth, book a table online now.

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