Experience Africa at The Meat & Wine Co Chadstone

Experience Africa at The Meat & Wine Co Chadstone

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our brand-new Chadstone Shopping Centre location in the heart of Malvern East. This venue pays homage to our roots, with two warm and inviting dining and bar areas that have been thoughtfully designed to celebrate our Afrocentricity.

Here’s a little more about what you can expect when you visit us at The Meat & Wine Co Chadstone.

A Chadstone restaurant inspired by authentic African tradition

The design of our Chadstone restaurant location has been inspired by authentic African tradition, right down to the finishing touches. 

The central dining space is known as the “Boma”, a word that dates back to pre-colonial Africa and the languages spoken in the African Great Lakes. It was originally used to describe an enclosure for livestock or a place for safety and gathering. A traditional Boma was usually built from branches and twigs and would often have an open fire in the middle for warmth, cooking, dancing and storytelling.

At The Meat & Wine Co Chadstone, we’ve transformed the traditional Boma into a contemporary dining space with a layered series of circular seated areas featuring accents of woven leather and tonal décor. 

Complementing the Boma dining space is the downstairs “Phuza” bar, derived from the Xhosa word meaning “drink”. The design of the Phuza bar was influenced by the concept of the watering hole as both a place for animals to drink, and in a modern context, as a social gathering space. 

The best steak in Melbourne combined with the authentic flavours of African food

The Meat & Wine Co has developed a reputation for offering the best steak in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth – and our new Chadstone location is no exception. On the food menu, you’ll find premium cuts of top-graded steak sourced from our exclusive line of Monte Beef, as well as selected Wagyu and Shorthorn steaks.

Our spring/summer menu vision will see us continue to deliver world-class meat, carefully monitored through exceptional meat training programs and celebrating the South African tradition of the “braai”, or barbecue.

Alongside our steak offerings is a selection of fresh, vibrant seasonal dishes and guest favourites, all using the highest quality produce available to showcase the flavour of the ingredients and the providence of the food.

To complement the dishes on offer at The Meat & Wine Co Chadstone, Beverage Manager Ben Preston has created a drinks menu featuring 130+ hand-picked bottle and by-the-glass wines from Australia, South Africa and around the globe, as well as a selection of classic cocktails with a twist and whiskey flights.

On the hunt for your new favourite steakhouse in Melbourne? Book a table at The Meat & Wine Co Chadstone.

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