Where to Park in Southbank

Where to Park in Southbank

Whether you’re dining at The Meat & Wine Co in Southbank or you simply need somewhere to park while you roam the city, when it comes to Southbank parking, it helps to know a few tips.  Here’s some helpful information that will take the hassle out of parking in Southbank.

Paid Parking in South Melbourne

2 Freshwater Place offers parking at an affordable hourly rate, and is free for the first 15 minutes. Just around the corner at 2 Riverside Quay, you will find a similarly priced multi-storey car park. For the both of these locations, prices vary over the course of the week and depending on the time of day. Pre-booking is also possible if you’re eager to ensure you’re not late for any important dinner reservations. Both sites have CCTV, and Riverside Quay has a manned booth. Freshwater Place, on the other hand, boasts a car wash, should you fancy a quick rinse before heading off.

If those two are full, try the Eureka Car Park at 70 City Road, which is but a one minute drive. Prices there start at $6 for a 30 minute stay, and the car park is open 24 hours with overnight stays possible. It can become reasonably busy on weekdays and you might be required to do a few laps before you find a spot, however evenings tend to be  generally quieter. Just a tad more expensive is Southgate Avenue car park, which is open 24/7. Their car park has dedicated disabled spaces, and cash or card is accepted.

Free Parking in South Melbourne

If you’re hoping to avoid a parking metre entirely, Pickles Street in South Melbourne has free on-street parking down the left hand side of the road, heading away from South Melbourne Market. As we all know, parking rules can change from time-to-time, so be sure to check the signs before leaving your car there.

Also free is the Aldi car park at 100 Market Street; cars can be left here for up to two hours – enough time to pop into The Meat and Wine Co for a delicious meal. Similarly affordable and handy is Ace Parking, over on the junction of Gladstone and Kerr Street, which charges a mere $4 for two hours. If you drive a larger vehicle, these last two – Aldi and Ace Parking – are your best bet, as they have no height restrictions.

Secure Parking in South Melbourne

Those seeking secure parking in South Melbourne would be well-advised to head to the Crown Melbourne Hotel and Casino complex. The basement parking there is at the higher end of the price spectrum, with prices beginning at $35 for six hours, but free if you’re a casino  gold-card member. There are almost 2000 spaces available, and you can rest assured that your vehicle is in trusted care. A valet service is available as well, if you’re looking to avoid the navigation of a carpark entirely.

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