Top 4 red wines in Australia

Australia is world-renowned for its premium red wines. Our hugely varied wine terroir and climates create the perfect conditions for vineyards to produce phenomenal varietals, from the cooler temperatures of the Orange region, to the warmth and dryness of the Barossa Valley.

The Meat & Wine Co celebrates Australian wines every day, with an extensive wine list that highlights some of the country’s top vineyards and vinos, while also perfectly complementing our meals.

Here are four of the top Australian wines to look for, including a few you’ll find on our menu.

Cape Mentelle Shiraz

The Cape Mentelle Shiraz is a Margaret River gem, and a popular choice amongst our red wine options.

You’ll find the markedly more savoury, spicy notes quintessential to the Margaret River wine region, paired with ripe cherries, black fruits, and berries. It’s a deep, dark red that lingers on the tongue and works beautifully with rich meats such as our Wagyu beef.

Helen & Joey Estate Layla Pinot Noir

Wine tastes can be subjective, so it’s hard to choose the very best, but it’s not a stretch to say that this Layla Pinot Noir is amongst the top 10 wines in Australia. After all, it was named amongst the top 50 by the Wine Selectors’ expert tasting panel.

This Pinot promises bright red fruit flavours including cherry and sun-ripened strawberries, with soft silky oak notes and earthy aromas. It is neither too light nor too heavy, both delicate and rich at the same time, and perfect to enjoy by itself or with a meal.

Jim Barry’s Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

The Jim Barry vineyard has recently won the 2020 James Halliday Winery of the Year award, and is easily one of the Clare Valley’s most successful wineries, offering some of the best red wines in Australia. The Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the heroes from the vineyard’s range, and it only takes a sip to understand why.

The Cab Sav is medium bodied, with rich dark berry flavours such as blackcurrant, cassis, and raspberry. It also offers a slight smokiness and faint herbal flavour for something a little special.

You’ll find this wine on our menu, where you can pair it with any red meat you fancy.

Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz

This Penfolds vino could possibly be the best Australian Shiraz on the market.

Penfolds is already known throughout the country and around the world as a reliable go-to name for exceptional wines, and the Shiraz is no exception. Harking from the Barossa Valley, this Shiraz brings powerful dark plum flavours to the table, with notes of blackberry and sour cherry.

It’s full-bodied and ideal for pairing with lean red meats. While we don’t carry this exact Shiraz, we do offer a range of exceptional Penfolds wines in our rare and back vintage selection if you’re looking for something very special to accompany your meal.

Explore our extensive wine list to learn more about some of Australia’s best wines, and visit our a la carte menu to decide what to pair with your vino.

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