Our guide to the perfect pub crawl in Perth

A pub crawl is a devilishly fun way to catch up with friends, make new ones, or spend some quality time with your other half.

Perth’s long, hot evenings are the perfect setting for pub crawls, where you can explore the best bars in Perth CBD on foot, tasting the top cocktails, wines and beers in the city.

Here’s our guide to the perfect pub crawl in Perth.

The Mechanic’s Institute

The Mechanic’s Institute is a throwback to a time when working men could attend lessons to learn new skills and gain an education. Keeping this theme in mind, the proprietors have created a place that radiates history and promises a laid-back, tasty start to your pub crawl.

It’s also one of the coolest little rooftop bars in Perth, so nab a spot outdoors on the split-level patio and begin with a refreshing cocktail or a rosé in the sun.

Sneaky Tony’s

Next, make your way around the corner to Sneaky Tony’s, a prohibition-themed bar which is known for its rum. The 300 or so bottles of rum on offer come from all over the world, so if this is your drink of choice, this is the place to find a new favourite.

The dark and moody vibes of this bar will truly get your night going as you pick through the cocktail list and peruse the beers on tap.

The Bird

Let’s take things up a notch with a visit to The Bird (also just steps from Sneaky Tony’s).

This fresh and fun bar is also a live music lounge, and there are regular performances from local and visiting artists. There’s nothing like a bit of live music to pick up the pace of your pub crawl, so order at the bar and get ready to tap your toes and sing along as you enjoy your drink.

The Meat & Wine Co.

Feeling hungry yet? It’s time for a pitt stop.

A pitt stop with phenomenal food and an enticing beverages menu.

At this point in the night you’ll definitely need sustenance. Whether that’s a selection of entrees and skewers to share, or a full sit-down meal, might depend on how much energy you’ll need for dancing later on.

As well as serving exceptional meals, The Meat & Wine Co is proud to be one of the best cocktail bars in Perth, so you can count on finding an excellent rendition of your go-to with your meal.

Mint Nightclub

To finish off the night, you have a huge range of nightclubs in Perth to choose from. Our choice is Mint Nightclub.

This is the place to go where every song that comes out of the speakers is one you can sing and dance to. It’s known for hits from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, and the decor – complete with mirror balls – is designed to match.

These are some of the best pubs in Perth, so get your friends together,  secure a seat at The Meat & Wine Co, and get ready to take the city by storm.

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