Our favourite customer Instagrams from 2018

Our favourite customer Instagrams from 2018

We could word it several different ways, but sometimes simplicity resonates the hardest: we have amazing customers and we’re truly appreciative of them all. That’s why we believe that the only thing better than our staff, food, drinks, and our restaurants themselves, are our customers. So, we wanted to celebrate how great you all are by sharing our favourite Instagram food posts from this past year.

Scrumptious steak-posting

We really love a good steak – meat is literally in our name! Our customers do too. Since food posts are common on Instagram, here’s some of our favourite steak photos from last year:


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A post shared by Kev Wong (@wongstronomy) on

We pride ourselves on choosing the best ingredients available, so thanks to @wongstronomy for getting such a great steak photo of our signature New Yorker!


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A post shared by Joanne (@im.jo.anne) on

The two-for-one steak post at our Southbank location in Melbourne by @life.of.ja is one of our favourites because it really shows how juicy our steaks are. Our mouths are watering just by looking at this one!

Greatest group gatherings

One of our favourite features of running restaurants is offering a place for family and friends to meet and enjoy a meal together. Here are our favourite group photos:


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A post shared by Miss J (@isbeautifulchaos) on

We love hosting meals for families because we consider our customers part of our family, too! When @isbeautifulchaos posted this photo, our hearts grew full. Thanks for choosing to meet up at the Meat & Wine Co.!


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A post shared by Steve (@stevoheaveho) on

What a crew, @stevoheaveho! We’re thankful you chose our restaurant to host a night to remember. Come again soon!

Divine drinks

The right drink can add a whole extra layer to a meal, so we love seeing posts that feature our drinks. Here are our top beverage-related picks:


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A post shared by Chloee Kathleen (@chloeekathleen) on

Wine is in our name as well, so we’re always thrilled when one of our customers tags us in an Instagram post that features one of our wines. Shout-out to @chloeekathleen for snagging this awesome picture of the view she had from our Melbourne location!


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A post shared by Perth Coffee (@livinincoffee) on

We’re experts on more drinks than just wine, which is why we were so excited to see @livinincoffee try the drinks at our Perth location! Bonus points for reviewing them, too. We love you, @livinincoffee!

Favourite group celebrations

Whether it’s a date, for a baby shower, or even for no special reason at all, we’re proud of our customers when you all choose to celebrate at one of our restaurants. Here’s some of our memorable choices on Instagram featuring our food and friends from last year:


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A post shared by ✖️B E L ✖️ (@belsmith.87) on

Looking great, @btothelinda87! We loved having you at our Bangaroo location for your birthday. Thanks for choosing our restaurant to celebrate!


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A post shared by Heads of Camberwell (@headsofcamberwellhair) on

We’re excited when businesses choose one of our restaurants to host a work outing as well! Thanks for choosing us, @headsofcamberwellhair. You guys are great!

Thanks to our customers!

We’re incredibly proud of our broad base of customers, so thanks again from the Meat & Wine Co team. You all are the reason our business is running, so we’re deeply grateful that you choose to visit our restaurants. Keep tagging us in your Instagram photos and don’t forget to follow and tag us: @themeatandwineco #meatandwineco

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