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At The Meat & Wine Co, everything on our menu showcases a unique blend of South African heritage and contemporary Australian influences. But what sort of dishes might you find on a traditional South African food menu, and how do they influence our offerings at The Meat & Wine Co? Let’s take a look.

A quick history of South African food

South African cuisine melds flavours and dishes made by indigenous peoples of Africa such as the Sotho- and Nguni-speaking people, with more Western styles of cooking that were introduced during the colonial period. Today, South African cuisine is a melting pot of flavours from all over the world, including indigenous African peoples, the Dutch, German, French and British.

For many South Africans, meat is the centrepiece of a meal, and the Khoisan indigenous peoples of Southern Africa have been roasting and drying meat for thousands of years. Their dietary influence is evident on many modern South African dinner tables, where locals share a love of barbecue (typically called its Afrikaans name, a “braai”). 

During the colonial days, South African men typically kept cattle as their prized possession in rural areas, and that tradition has held strong in South Africans’ preference for beef. Mutton, goat, chicken and other meats are also popular amongst the meat-loving population.

A wine-making history of nearly 400 years

The history of South African wine dates back to 1659, with the first bottle produced in Cape Town by the city’s founder, Jan van Riebeeck.

The South African wine industry remained small-scale until the 1990s, when the world’s export market opened up and it began to flourish. Local producers quickly adopted new viticultural and winemaking technologies from around the globe, and began to produce well-known varieties such as Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

Today, South African production is still concentrated around Cape Town, with major vineyard and production centres at Constantia, Paarl, Stellenbosch and Worcester. The focus of the South African wine industry is on the quality of wine production – particularly in regards to popular red grape varieties.

African-inspired food and wine at The Meat & Wine Co

It goes without saying that the cuisine of South Africa plays a major role in our culinary approach at The Meat & Wine Co. The quality of our beef is paramount, which is why we source it from Monte Beef, our exclusive supplier with a multi-channel monitored program to ensure only the most top graded products are served. Every cut of steak on our menu is prepared with to perfection on the grill – just like an authentic South African “braai”. 

And on our wine menu, you’ll find a selection of varietals and blends straight from the vineyards of South Africa, as well as from esteemed wine regions in Australia and around the globe. Each wine has been hand-picked for its superior flavour, finish and character, to beautifully complement our a la carte menu.

Experience a taste of South Africa with world-class food and wine at The Meat & Wine Co. Book a table online today.

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