AGED porcini mushroom

Introducing: A porcini-infused AGED steak

As the days begin to lengthen and the cold mornings start their slow shift back to warmer weather, The Meat & Wine Co is celebrating the change of seasons with a new flavour infusion in our AGED steak programme. 

From August 8 2022, we’re excited to announce that our AGED steak programme will offer diners an exceptional porcini mushroom dry aged steak. 

This flavour infusion is part of our ongoing programme that allows us to use our exclusive method of in-house dry ageing to offer a variety of additional flavour profiles to our dry aged beef.

Why porcini mushroom?

Introducing: A porcini-infused AGED steak

The porcini mushroom, boletus edulis, is affectionately known as the King of Mushrooms for its immense flavours and versatility. 

They have an earthy, meaty flavour, which is why they are so often used in everything from stir fry dishes to pastas, soups, sauces, and risotto. They quickly elevate any dish, adding incredible flavour and texture, and bringing out the profiles of other ingredients as well. 

Chefs love working with fresh porcini when it’s in season, but dried porcini mushrooms are an excellent alternative that are often used throughout the year.

The Meat & Wine Co exclusive dry ageing flavour infusion process

AGED Porcini Mushroom

The Meat & Wine Co has created an in-house dry ageing process that reduces waste and allows us to infuse our steaks with select premium flavours. 

In the traditional dry ageing process, large slabs of meat are placed into a temperature- and humidity-controlled dry ager. Here they are left to age for weeks to months, and will form a hard crust on the outside of the meat. This crust is essential in the process, helping to tenderise and enhance the internal flavour in the steak. At the end of the dry ageing process, this crust is trimmed away from the meat and discarded. 

While the traditional process works well, it does mean there is a lot of wastage with the disposal of the crust. At The Meat & Wine Co, our exclusive process begins by following the traditional steps and allows the cuts of beef to age for one to three weeks in the dry ager, which is enough time to start the ageing process and let a slight crust form. 

At this point, we take a step away from the traditional process. We remove the slab of beef from the dry ager, and slather it in a thick layer of whipped Wagyu butter. This layer of fat effectively works in the same way that a traditional thick crust, but without requiring more of the beef itself to form it. 

As well as reducing waste and therefore keeping the final cost to the customer to a minimum, this method allows us to infuse our dry aged steaks with additional flavours by adding ingredients to the Wagyu butter.

We will always offer an un-infused option, but for those looking for an even deeper flavour profile in their dry aged steaks, they can now try a phenomenal porcini mushroom infused dry aged steak. 

It’s our way of creating an exclusive, seasonal menu offering you won’t find anywhere else in Australia. Be sure to make your reservation at The Meat & Wine Co today to discover our porcini dry aged steak dining experience.

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