4 Australian food and drink festivals you can't miss in 2019

4 Australian food and drink festivals you can’t miss in 2019

Summer is now in full swing here, which means it is prime time for hungry and thirsty Australians everywhere to fill their stomachs outside while the weather is nice! Tasty food is what we do here at the Meat & Wine Co., so we’ve put together a list for foodies, beer and cider enthusiasts alike who are keen on getting some prime meals and beverages at an Australian food and drink festival.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

In a state known for its out-of-the-box lifestyle, Victoria’s food scene has a liveliness that few other locations can match. Enter its flagship eating and drinking event, the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival! Its 27th anniversary from the 8-24th of March garnishes over 250 events that take place all across the state. Explore Melbourne’s artsy downtown area for the right local restaurant, attend real cooking events with celebrity chefs, or take tours in the countryside of world-renowned wineries.

Noosa Food and Wine Festival

No real Australian eat and drink festival list can forget the Noosa Food and Wine Festival, in (you guessed it) Noosa, Queensland. Going from 16 May to 20 May, this annual festival combines a wide range of activities beyond merely getting a great meal. It throws brunches on the beach, has live cooking and music for a party to remember under the stars. But what sets this apart from the others is their huge array of celebrity chefs – you can even arrange dinners with them! The Noosa Food and Wine Festival is simply a must-see for any true foodie and wine connoisseur.

The Great Australian Beer Spectacular

We’ve got you beer enthusiasts covered for festivals, too! The Great Australian Beer Festival (AKA GABS) started with the grand idea of getting as many Australian and New Zealand beer and cider companies as possible to release a drink for a festival. Needless to say, it exploded, and now the festival presents hundreds of new drinks a year – including up to 180 exclusive beers and ciders made just for GABS! Thankfully, GABS is a touring festival that starts on April 27th in Brisbane and then goes to Sydney, Melbourne, and even Auckland. You can’t say you’re big on beer and cider without checking this one out.

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