A la Carte Menu

A la Carte Menu

Fresh from the Bakery

Bread Board 6
Baked artisan bread served with cultured butter and black salt
Garlic Bread 7
Fresh bread grilled with whipped garlic butter


Biltong 15
South African strips of beef, dried and cured. Traditional or chilli
Bruschetta 12
Avocado, diced tomato, Spanish onion, garlic oil, basil and Grana Padana on lightly toasted bread
Boerewors 14/26
Grilled African beef sausage, Mielie pap croquette and barbeque relish(Mielie Pap: South African porridge made from maize and corn kernels; similar to polenta)
Pork Belly 17
Char-grilled teriyaki pork belly. Served with adzuki bean, cucumber, Spanish onion and yuzu dressing
Portuguese Prawns 19
Seared prawns in a creamy Portuguese style sauce with brown rice, lime and lemon balm pilaf
Szechuan Calamari 15/22
Lightly fried Szechuan calamari served with nam jim sauce and lemon
Piri Piri Scallops 19
Seared wild sea scallops with pea puree, pickled native succulents, chicken crackling served with spicy piri piri vinaigrette
Beef Carpaccio 18
Wagyu beef carpaccio with parmesan cream, green dressing, pickled shallots and herb
Grilled Cheese 15
Buffalo Halloumi grilled and served with hickory smoked semi-dried tomatoes, rocket and lemon
Beetroot Salad 15
Sous-vide beetroot, whipped goat’s curd, quinoa crisp, cherry tomato, puffed rice and wild garlic oil
Tasting Plate (serves 4) 59
Szechuan Calamari, Pork Belly, Bruschetta and Pavala Prawns


Flame-grilled Skewers

Served with your choice of crunchy chips or house salad unless specified*

Beef (Temperature recommendation: Medium) 36
New Yorker pieces brushed with our in-house basting and lightly seasoned
Prawn & Beef (Temperature recommendation: Medium-Rare) 39
New Yorker pieces and South Australian prawns brushed with our in-house basting and lightly seasoned
Portuguese Chicken 29
Marinated chicken pieces with a mild Portuguese spice blend
Lamb 36
Moroccan spiced and lightly basted
Salmon (Temperature recommendation: Medium) 32
Lime and pepper crusted Tasmanian salmon
Kangaroo (Temperature recommendation: Medium-Rare) 36
Kangaroo loin-fillet marinated in native bush spice, char-grilled and served with chat potatoes, tomato chutney and crispy onion rings*
Pork 32
Szechuan glazed pork fillet and pineapple lightly basted

Sides & Salads

Crunchy chips 7
Onion rings 7
Home-made mash 7
Side garden salad 7
Baked potato with garlic butter, sour cream and chives 8
Baked sweet potato with buffalo ricotta, radishes, spring onion & chive oil 12
Mac & Cheese with cheddar and maple bacon 12
Seasonal sautéed greens – Please ask your waiter 13
Wedge Salad – Honey bacon, cherry tomatoes, fried shallots, crisp iceberg, crumbled Roquefort. House-made Ranch dressing 13
Chickpea Salad – Chickpeas, green baby peas, Spanish onion, flat leaf parsley, avocado, cucumber, toasted sunflower seeds, fresh lemon dressing and feta 13
Spinach Salad – Heirloom tomato, baby spinach, cumin, honey, cinnamon,
crispy shallots, chilli, yoghurt and lemon oil dressing
Greek Village – Tomato, cucumber, marinated olives, Spanish onion, baby Cos, Feta and traditional Greek dressing 12



Portuguese – spicy peri peri, cream and garlic 4
Barbeque Relish – onion, capsicum and carrot 4
African Hot Chilli 4
Creamy Garlic 4
Madagascan Green Peppercorn 4
Crumbled King Island Blue Cheese 4
Mernda Valley Mushroom 4
Black garlic butter 4
Chimichurri 4


Meat Temperatures

Blue: Sealed, very red in the centre. Room temperature
Rare: Red in the centre. Lukewarm temperature
Medium-Rare: Pinkish-red in the centre. Warm temperature
Medium: Pink in the centre. Hot temperature
Medium-Well: Very little pink in the centre. Hot temperature
Well-Done: No pink, brown in the centre. Hot temperature


Beef and pork ribs are slow-cooked in barbeque sauce then finished on a flaming hot char-grill. Lamb ribs are char-grilled with a lemon, herb and mustard marinade.

All are served with crunchy chips or house salad

Beef Ribs Half Rack 32 Full Rack 49
Pork Ribs Half Rack 39 Full Rack 59
Lamb Ribs Half Rack 29
Short Rib 38
Beef short rib slow-cooked for 8 hours in our house smoked spice blend and finished on the char-grill. Accompanied by chilli cabbage pickle with flat leaf parsley and pine nuts
Ribs Platter 59
A selection of beef, lamb and pork ribs
The Best of Both
Your choice of the following combinations
Half Beef Ribs & Rump 200g 49
Half Lamb Ribs & Rump 200g 49

Other Favourites

Premium Beef Burger (cooked medium) 29
280g Pasture-fed primal beef patty, aged vintage cheddar, lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, truffle aioli and caramelised onion jam. Served with chips and pickle on the side
Chicken Breast 26
Argentinean spiced chicken breast, supreme-cut and pan roasted. Served with a thyme, garlic and shallot puree, sautéed greens, new potatoes, garlic stems and chimichurri
Short Rib 38
Beef short rib slow-cooked for 8 hours in our house smoked spice blend and finished on the char-grill. Accompanied by chilli cabbage pickle with flat leaf parsley and pine nuts.
Pork Belly Rib           59
Pork spare rib with pork belly intact, slow cooked for 12 hours, char-grilled and lightly basted. Served with crunchy chips
Vegetarian     23
Chickpea and cumin croquettes with seasonal greens, cauliflower puree, grilled mushrooms, red pepper jam and goats cheese curd.


Children's Menu

Children 12 years & under.

Cheese Burger with crunchy chips, green beans or salad 12
Grilled Chicken Tenders with crunchy chips, green beans or salad 12
Mac & Cheese 10
Boneless Beef Rib Fingers 12


The Grand Finale 55
(Serves 4-5) A selection of our individual desserts.
Chocolate & Hazelnut Fondant, Apple Pie, Creme Brulee and Passionfruit Tart
Chocolate & Hazelnut Fondant 16
Chocolate fondant with white chocolate and hazelnut centre, served with fior de latte ice cream, short bread biscuit and caramel nougatine
Crème Brûlée 13
Classic crème brûlée with a raspberry popping candy shortbread biscuit
Apple Pie 14
Fried apple cigar with apple liqueur toffee, sour apple gel, mascarpone ice cream and smoked maple syrup
MWC Magnus 15
Amarula semifreddo, rooibos tea jelly, apricot marmalade and butter milk rusk
Passionfruit Tart 14
Shortbread biscuit, passionfruit curd, white chocolate mousse, black pepper meringue and fruit crisps


A selection of artisan cheeses served with fig jam, assorted crackers and seasonal fruit

Blue $13 50g
Hard $13 50g
Soft $13 50g

Liquid Dessert

Crumble 19
Chambord, Apple Schnapps, Limoncello, apple and lemon juice served in a sweet pastry crumbed martini glass
Sweet Savannah 19
Amarula, Wild Turkey Honey, Malibu and cream served in a shaved coconut rimmed martini glass
Affogato 12
Espresso, vanilla bean ice cream and choice of liqueur. Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelico, Fusion Caramel Vodka, Fusion Coffee Vodka, Fusion Chocolate Vodka
Dom Pedro 17
Vanilla bean ice cream blended with one of the following: Jameson, Kahlua, Baileys, Frangelico, Fusion Caramel Vodka, Fusion Coffee Vodka, Fusion Chocolate Vodka
The Glenmorangie Whisky Experience 24
4 tasters of Glenmorangie Whisky: These whiskies are aged for 10 years then a further 2 years in different casks to add depth of flavour; 10YO, Nectar D’or (Sauternes Cask), Quinta Ruban (Ruby Port Casks), Lasanta (Oloroso Sherry Cask)

Dessert Wines

90ml Btl
Vasse Felix Cane Cut Semillon Margaret River, WA 14 58
Mitchell Noble Botrytis Semillon Clare Valley, SA 12 48

Fortified Wines

90ml Btl
NV Penfolds Grandfather Port (750ml) Magill Estate, SA 24 250
NV Hanwood Estate Tawny (750ml) Riverina, NSW 10 60
NV All Saints Muscat (375ml) Rutherglen, Vic 11 54
NV Campbells Topaque (375ml) Rutherglen, Vic 11 58


Please ask for our allergy menu. Although every possible care has been taken to ensure that these menu items are allergy free, certain items may still contain traces of allergic ingredients as they are prepared in an environment that contains allergic ingredients


Sydney – $5 per person on Sundays and public holidays
Melbourne – $5 per person on public holidays


A selection of Monte Beef products are Halal certified from our supplier and precautions are taken in the cooking methods of our dishes, however our restaurant kitchen environment is not certified by the A.F.I.C.

We clean tongs, boards and pans when preparing these dishes mentioned within the parameters of above. Please ask your waiter for detail of our halal selection